Littman Bros |  September 19, 2014

Wood Lighting – Rustic Modern Designs

If you associate wood with outdated furniture pieces from the past, you may be pleasantly surprised by the effect that wood lighting can have on your room decor. Many people love a traditional or rustic look, but wood lighting works with modern and contemporary styling as well. Wood has always been a great choice for adding warmth to rooms, and new designs continue to hold the attention of people who love to create unique and inviting interior spaces.

Ceiling fans may be the first wood lighting choice that comes to mind, considering how many styles have real wood or faux wood fan blades. These options can be ideal in terms of appearance and function, but ceiling fans may not be appropriate for every space you want to light. Pendant lights made of wood may be a better alternative, and these styles come in single pendant or multiple pendant styles. Pendant lighting can have a bold, striking, and modern appearance, especially when the wood is paired with a steel, chrome, or satin nickel finish.

Natural materials such as bamboo and wood continue to be used by leading designers, and wood lighting can be incorporated in the form of table lamps and wall lights as well. You can find vibrant wood lighting that ranges from very light walnut, mahogany, to rich teak in multiple shades. Wood is ideal if you are looking for an environmentally friendly lighting choice, and you can mix wood lighting with glass, metals, and your most contemporary room furnishings. Wood lighting can add beauty and function to bedrooms, kitchens, and any other room in your home, and it makes no difference whether your decorating preference leans towards rustic furnishings or towards the latest offerings composed of industrial stainless steel. Your room decor options can be exciting and limitless if you incorporate beautiful wood lighting.

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