Littman Bros |  June 27, 2012

What Are Basic Types of Lighting?

There are plenty of ways to add a beautiful lighting design to your home but it is of course necessary for you to know the various types, styles, sizes and shapes of lighting that are out there. First you must know the three basic types of lighting you will be choosing, depending on the space you are lighting:

General Lighting – Supplies an area with a wide-range of illumination and is known as ambient lighting. It allows for an adequate level of light and can be achieved with track or recessed lighting, ceiling lighting, chandeliers or wall sconces.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Task Lighting – This type of lighting helps you carry out your everyday tasks like games, reading, sewing and homework. Task lighting can be supplied with table or floor lamps, under cabinet lighting, track lighting or pendant lighting; this lighting should be brilliant enough to prevent exertion on the eyes.

Accent Lighting – Adds a nice touch to any space. It is meant to be an accent for your current décor and tends to highlight curtains, walls, paintings, sculptures and or various possessions around the house. Use track light, under cabinet light, tape or wall sconces to create your task lighting.

Once you know the basics about lighting it is now time to choose how you will light your space. Here is a list of just some of the different fixtures you can choose from:

Chandeliers – Add a beautiful and elegant style to your space. They usually have an ornate set of billowing arms (depending on the style) with a large amount of bulbs (depending on the size). Chandeliers are a great way to impress upon entering your home or during dinner with guests. The ever-changing designs and unique placements of chandeliers create a wonderful stylish accent to the décor in your home. Try them in your foyer, kitchen, dining room, great room, bedroom or bathroom.

Pendants – The larger pendants are usually seen in the foyer, kitchen or great room and mini pendants can go in the kitchen over an island or above a bar area. Pendants provide your home with both task and general lighting.

Wall Sconces – Will bring all three types of lighting into your home. They are great lights to line your hallways or accent chandeliers in dining rooms or great rooms given a matching design.

Under Cabinet Lighting – Offers task and accent lighting and tend to be placed under kitchen cabinets to light the countertops. Under cabinet lights supply illumination in areas you can’t reach or places task or accent light is needed (either in the office, storage spaces or the shelves in your kitchen.)

There are even more ways to light your home. Don’t forget portable table or floor lamps, vanity lights, and track lighting. With this list of the basic types and kinds of lighting you are sure to shine in your home’s lighting design scheme.