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Littman Bros |  February 22, 2013

Weekend Lighting Tips

One of the things we’ve stressed so much here is the fact that lighting is such an important role in your home’s décor.  It is an essential element to have and it truly has to be something great that you enjoy just as your guests do.  Here are a couple fun tips for you to take with you this weekend to help you decorate in a unique way:

Adding a fancy shade to any lamp, chandelier, or pendant can turn your informal or relaxed design into something more glamorous.  You can also dress your area down with a more casual shade – either way shades add a relaxed, ambient light that round out the room flawlessly.  Any lamp or fixHome Lighting Ideasture can be updated by adding new and stylish shades!

Layer your light. This is another pointer we give our readers almost every week.  Layering your lighting adds depth to your space.  You can accomplish this with various types of lighting including pendants and mini pendants staggered over an island or bar as well as chandeliers.  Yes, chandeliers can be layered by going with smaller, mini chandeliers hung together – you achieve the same amount of light with more fixtures.

Add some flair to your space with a fixture you wouldn’t normally add to your lighting scheme – it’s the piece that steals the show.  Not all of your rooms need to have this major focal point of distinction but it can be fun to have one room with a fixture of your choosing that is an eye-catching focus of your space.

Dimmers are a must – they set the mood when you need it.  They make the difference when you want your space to be a cozy haven of escape (dim those lights low) or if you want game night to be lively and active (pump up the lights).