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Littman Bros |  June 30, 2015

Water, the Elixir of Life

Stress.  We’ve all got some.  Chances are, you’ll be stressed your whole life.  The key is to figure out how to handle stress and not let it overwhelm you.  We seek coping methods for stress our entire lives, from stress balls to counting breaths to unwinding in a bath or shower.  Try and create a space or two in your home that allows you to relax and unwind, or add a few relaxing features throughout your home.  Water is a great decorating element to help you unwind.  Adding a water feature inside or outside your home can greatly help you shed that stress.  You can go as big as a backyard pool or as small as a tabletop fountain, you’ll find any water feature adds tranquility to your home.  Water elements can provide an array of calming factors for both the mind and body.

Your brain loves water, and not just for consumption.  The mind is naturally attracted to the element as a source of serenity, imagination and even romance.  Our minds are inherently drawn to the moving blues, greens and aqua of water.  Additionally, we find comfort in the sound of running water and crashing waves.  Our bodies are even attracted to the smell of water.  Many forms of relaxation incorporate the natural element into their routine.  Mediation commonly uses waves and running water into their process.  Salons and spas strategically incorporate water features into their layout.  Adding a water feature helps the mind create the illusion of an escape; an escape from, the sounds and smells of traffic and the buzzing and ringing of phones, simply, the hustle and bustle of life.  Spas find adding a water feature is an immediate invitation to relaxation for their clients.  These same concepts apply to water features in the home.

While there is a contrast of reactions between big and small water features, water still entices a calm, relaxed state of being.  Be sure to incorporate a water element that reflects your personal style.  You can go with a simple, easily maintained tabletop fountain or framed waterfall.  A fish tank or bowl adds life and color to the fixture while still emitting relaxing vibes.  Go big with a proper fountain or pond, in or outside your home!  Situate a water fixture near the door, allowing you to hear the soothing sounds from the second you open the door!  Try adding a water fixture to areas where you commonly confront stress, such as a home office.  Install a water feature in your hallway or at the bottom of the stairs, inviting the relaxing sounds and smells to travel throughout your home.  A small fixture can also be situated near a seating area, allowing for a calming background noise to your conversation.  Many individuals choose to approach water similarly to a hotel or spa by installing a larger piece, such a fountain or water fall, as a focal point in a foyer or living room.


Stress can drive anyone crazy.

Be sure when decorating your home to give yourself a sense of Zen. Your home is your personal escape, be sure to create zones allowing you to relax and unwind.  You can give yourself a relaxation utopia without extreme elements, but rather strategically placing design elements to emit a sense of tranquility.  The mind inherently finds water attractive and serene, allowing you to benefit from all sorts of water features.  Be sure to install something you are prepared to maintain!  Feel no pressure to install a large fountain or indoor pond unless that reflects your personal style.  Always remember when decorating, you are a priority, your home should be catered to you!