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Littman Bros |  June 4, 2018

Turn Your Winter Outdoor Space Into A Summertime Patio

We all know Chicago winters can get cold, dreary and snowy, turning our backyards into areas that go unnoticed in our homes. But as the air starts to warm up and the days grow longer, it’s easier to picture yourself sipping on an ice cold beverage in the comfort of your own outdoor space. Before you can do that, though, you have several housekeeping and maintenance tasks you need to accomplish, including cleaning your outdoor space and updating your exterior wall light fixtures.

At Littman Bros Lighting, we offer a variety of exterior wall light fixtures for the Schaumburg, Illinois community. We’ve been doing this since 1979, and we know we can help you find outdoor lights that best suit your outdoor space. Contact us today.

In this blog post, we’ll provide some simple steps you can take to turn your outdoor space into the summertime patio of your dreams.

Clean, clean, clean!

OK, we’ll admit it: This first part really isn’t all that fun, but it’s important. You need to take the time to clean any dust, debris or other natural items that might have collected on your outdoor patio during the winter months. No one wants to sit on a dirty outdoor couch surrounded by leaves, so grab your broom and outdoor cleaning supplies and get to work!

You can also take this time to inspect the exterior of your home and determine if it needs any maintenance. Are your walls’ paint starting to peel? Is there an annoying, uneven step in your patio flooring? Now is the time to tackle these maintenance tasks since you’re getting all of the boring duties for your outdoor patio out of the way anyways.

Update or add any outdoor furniture you might want.

If you’re a new homeowner, this is the exciting time where you get to choose your first set of outdoor furniture. If you’ve owned your home for a while now, this is the time to determine if you need to upgrade any old, broken or outdated outdoor furniture — or simply any furniture you just aren’t feeling anymore.

We recommend choosing furniture that is stylish, practical and will last you for the long run. Don’t buy indoor furniture to simply place it outside. Purchase furniture that is specifically made to be placed and set up for your outdoor patio. This type of furniture is made to be UV-proof as well as water-resistant in the case of any extreme weather shifts.

Get creative with plants.

Who doesn’t like the aura that plants bring to a space in your home? If you add them to the exterior of your home, you won’t have to worry as much about sunlight exposure as you would for your indoor plants — you just have to still remember to water them, even during our humid Chicago summers. On top of that, adding plants to your outdoor space add color and personality, depending on the type of plants you opt for.

If you want to add vibrant colors and an extra flair of personality to your outdoor patio, we suggest going for summery flowers such as poppies or peonies. If you’re a little more laid back and want a more simplistic look for your outdoor space, opt for simple plants such as succulents or sweet-potato vines.

Adding plants gives a natural beauty to your outdoor space that requires minimal effort on your part. But don’t go overboard — you don’t want your outdoor space looking like a jungle.

Get the most out of your outdoor lighting.

You might have some basic lighting solutions for your outdoor patio as is, which is fine, but you can really add dimension and practicality if you get creative with your exterior lighting. Choosing lighting might seem mundane and straightforward, but when you optimize your outdoor lighting for your patio, you can generate an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming on cool summer nights.

At Littman Bros Lighting, we have a plethora of outdoor lighting solutions, ranging from exterior wall light fixtures to outdoor ceiling, post and landscape lighting. When you add a variety of lighting solutions to your outdoor patio, you can utilize many different types of lighting options rather than relying on just one type for one specific usage.

Here are four outdoor lighting options we provide at our Chicago area lighting showroom, and how you can utilize each one for your outdoor patio:

  • Outdoor wall sconces. This lighting solution can be placed on any walls that surround your outdoor patio. You can get creative with the color and style to match yours — ours come in beach, contemporary, farmhouse and more!
  • Outdoor ceiling lighting. This lighting solution is great for adding general illumination to your outdoor porch or patio. Outdoor ceiling lights provide overhead lighting for functionality and safety.
  • Outdoor post lighting. This lighting solution adds style and practicality to your yard, as these lights can mount onto posts and fences. They can give better visibility than lower lights, and they can be installed on any level, giving you leeway to place them wherever you want.
  • Landscape lighting. This lighting solution is made to highlight any architectural details or extravagant plants outside of your home. They can be strategically placed to decorate any walkways or outdoor patios, and we offer an array of styles and finish options so you can find exterior lighting options that perfectly fit your home’s natural design.

Still unsure about what kind of exterior wall light fixtures will look best on your outdoor patio? Browse our online catalog or schedule a consultation with one of our trained, experienced lighting specialists today!

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