Interior Home Lighting
Littman Bros |  February 23, 2018

Is It Time to Replace Your Ceiling Lights?

Many of us don’t give much thought to our indoor lighting fixtures unless they are experiencing some sort of problem. While replacing your ceiling lights may be necessary if they become damaged or broken, there are many other circumstances that could warrant shopping for new fixtures.

At Littman Bros Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing stylish lighting solutions to Chicago-area residents, and with thousands of lighting products in our Schaumburg showroom, we are confident that you’ll find fixtures that suit your style preferences and your budget. Stop by our showroom today to speak with a lighting expert, shop our online catalog, or call us at 847-895-5155 now! In the meantime, check out five of the most common reasons our customers find themselves shopping for new lighting.

Five Reasons to Consider New Fixtures

New Home

Buying a home is an exciting event, and many homeowners view this milestone as an opportunity for a fresh start. Whether you are working with a custom home builder or you are buying a pre-owned property, there is never a better time to personalize your home with the type of light fixtures that best suit your style. You get the benefit of working with a blank slate if you are building a new home, allowing you to build your lighting design from the ground up. If you purchase a pre-owned home, you may have the same style preferences that the previous owner did. Installing new ceiling lights, pendants, or sconces can help inject your own personality and style into rooms.


Rather than packing up all of their belongings and moving into a new home, many homeowners choose to remodel their existing properties. Remodel projects may be as simple as one room or as complex as reconfiguring the entire floor plan in a home. Regardless of the scope of your project, remodeling provides a great opportunity to bring your current light fixtures up to date to complement the new interior design plan you have in mind. Many home remodeling projects involve opening up drywall in order to access electrical wiring, and if you choose a new fixture that requires updated wiring, there is no better time to make the adjustments needed for your new beautiful wall or ceiling lights.

Lower Energy Bills

With increasing energy expenses, many homeowners are doing what they can to help lower their home energy expenses. This might include swapping out larger appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers for more energy-efficient ones, but even smaller changes can have a big impact on your energy consumption. For example, swapping out your traditional incandescent bulbs for light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs can decrease your power costs. This is because LED bulbs use as much as 90 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs do. If you are concerned about your current fixtures not being LED compatible, our lighting experts are happy to discuss affordable LED lighting solutions.

Updating Decor

While remodeling and moving provide very good reasons for updating your residential lighting, you don’t need to be preparing for a major event to select new fixtures. At times, something as simple as updating your decor may be the only catalyst you need for updating the fixtures in your home. For example, imagine that you have redecorated your living room and the color palette is based on warm tones. Your old ceiling lights, floor lamps, and other fixtures may or may not complement this new design theme, especially if it is nickel-plated, silver, or black. Choosing new fixtures that have an oil-rubbed bronze finish may add the finishing touch you have been looking for to the room.

Outdated Fixtures

Lighting design trends come and go. The type of lighting fixtures that were one trend 10 or 15 years ago may not lend themselves well to modern home decor, and if it has been a while since you installed new bathroom, kitchen, or living room lighting (or if you never have), it might be time to shop around for more up-to-date styles. For example, if you have had a Hollywood light strip above your bathroom mirror for years, replacing it with the right modern vanity light will not only improve the aesthetics of the room, but it will also likely improve the level of illumination you have for important grooming tasks. Likewise, if you have a boring contractor-grade ceiling light fixture, replacing it with a stunning flush-mount fixture can add instant style to a room.

Ceiling Lights, Fans, and More!

Are you ready to transform your rooms from boring, drab spaces into elegantly illuminated retreats? From ceiling lights and fans to wall lights and lamps, Littman Bros Lighting has everything you need to complete your lighting design project. Come on over to Schaumburg today to visit our 10,000 square foot showroom or call us to speak with a lighting expert. We can’t wait to help you achieve the indoor lighting you have been dreaming about!