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Exterior Wall Light Fixtures Chicago

5 Tips For Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

Littman Bros |  2018-07-30

Summer’s been here for more than a month now, which means you’re likely breathing in the warm Illinois air and utilizing the outdoor spaces of your home more than ever. Have you noticed your exterior home lighting is suboptimal or doesn’t provide sufficient light when necessary? It’s not too late to install proper outdoor lighting…

Exterior Wall Light Fixtures Chicago

How To Properly Light Your Outdoor Space

Littman Bros |  2018-06-29

Your home’s outdoor space or patio is one of the first things guests and visitors will see when they approach your home, so you want to make it an inviting and beautiful area that aims to impress. One way of doing so is by finding lighting solutions for your exterior home lighting that illuminates the…

Exterior Wall Light Fixtures Chicago

Turn Your Winter Outdoor Space Into A Summertime Patio

Littman Bros |  2018-06-04

We all know Chicago winters can get cold, dreary and snowy, turning our backyards into areas that go unnoticed in our homes. But as the air starts to warm up and the days grow longer, it’s easier to picture yourself sipping on an ice cold beverage in the comfort of your own outdoor space. Before…

Outdoor Lighting

Tips for Making Your Exterior Landscape Lighting Look Amazing

Littman Bros |  2017-11-01

Exterior landscape lighting is something that’s overlooked on a lot of Chicago homes. Many homeowners focus more on the interior design of their home while even more don’t stop to consider what their home looks like in the dark. But a little outdoor lighting can go a long way and provide your home with many…