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Littman Bros |  July 28, 2015

Storage, Storage and More Storage

Storage is non-negotiable.  From books, to movies, to documents we all need storage in our homes.  Storage becomes especially important as our family grows.  Throughout our lives we live in an array of spaces, from our houses to dorm rooms and apartments.  While our clutter will change and evolve throughout our lives, the fact that we have baggage is a constant.  Some of us find we are drowning under all our clutter, while others of us suffocate at the idea of downsizing.  Sometimes we have to get creative with our storage of all our clutter.  Finding storage areas can be difficult, which is why it can require a great deal of creativity.  In smaller spaces, such as dorms or apartments, you may have to explore all the nooks and crannies in your room to find space.  When designing your home, you may opt to not keep your clutter obvious, and wish for more discrete storage.  Lastly, you don’t want to make your method of storage complicated for you or your family.


When approaching storage, there are a few schools of thought.  Are these items for daily storage or long term?  Are you trying to hide away items or display them?  Another important factor when approaching storage is organization.  When storing things, long or short term, it’s important you organize your items.  Without organization, your items are suddenly clutter.  You will be less inclined to use items you already have because you can’t find them, forgot you had them or they get damaged in the storage process.  Be sure to separate your clutter into organized sections.  This may require you to space out your items, both in your storage area and home.  Creating zones will greatly aid you in navigating through your objects, letting you peruse through “beauty” “make up” and “bathroom” sections to find those spare toothbrushes you keep for guests.  Children definitely come with baggage, which requires a great deal of organization and storage.  Kid’s clutter is approached slightly differently than adult clutter, as most of their items they want immediate access too.  Lining shelves on a wall is great for tubs of toys, or investing in stackable storage bins to embrace your space.

What about large items, or items you don’t want to be seen?  Finding space to hide your storage can require a touch of creativity, if you aren’t blessed with spare closets, an extra-large garage or an attic space.  Finding nooks and crannies throughout your home may require you to literally look from the floor to the ceiling.  Under the bed is a common choice, or using the space under a table to storage a few items.  Look up as well when searching for space!  Many people install a shelf a foot below their ceiling or drop their kitchen cabinets a foot, lining the room with various items.  Above a door is a great spot for storage as well.  Building shelves underneath your stairs will add a great deal of storage room.  You can approach this project in an artistic fashion, making the shelves of the stairs a focal point, or discretely construct shelves to hide under your staircase.

Storage is extremely important in any home.  After organizing our bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms, we often find the need to be creative when storing our left over items.  Our storage needs are constantly changing between locations, seasons and growing families.  Be sure to make your storage process as easy to use as possible.  No one wants to dive into a pile of clutter and the likeliness of you finding the item you’re looking for is slim.  If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, you’re more likely to buy another, increasing your storage.  Organization will also help you preserve your items, saving you time and money, long term.  Time to go through the house, clear out your clutter and re-organize your home!