Littman Bros |  July 10, 2013

Sizing a Ceiling Fan

Great Room Ceiling Fan

Sizing a ceiling fan for your room can be tricky but there are some general guidelines for fan sizes given the size of your space:

Ceiling height does play into the visual appearance of your fan size; a small 42 inch ceiling fan is for a space that is about 100 square feet or smaller. Your standard ceiling fan is 52 to 54 inches – these are great for 144 to 225-square-foot spaces. A larger ceiling fan, like a 60 inch fan, is good for anything larger than that. Certain manufacturers also make 72 inch fans for extremely large rooms with 2 story ceilings, like a great room or larger foyer; these larger fans are only good for very high ceilings.

The airflow of a ceiling fan is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFI) and for a standard 144 to 225-square-foot room, 4800 CFI is probably the best. Anything above 5500 CFI is great for most rooms. Ceiling fans are incredibly efficient for cooling and circulating the air in your home. The energy used is measured in watts and today’s new eco motors, which run on DC current, can use as little as 22 watts but the use of about 80 watts is normal for the standard ceiling fan. A fan’s efficiency is measured in cubic feet per minute per watt consumed – the higher the efficiency number is the more efficient your fan.