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Littman Bros |  July 12, 2012

How Do I Select A Ceiling Fan?

To begin the selection of your ceiling fan you should determine the size of the room that you would like the fan to be installed in. Once you have the dimensions of the room you can select the size of the fan you will need for the space. Here is a little key for you to know what size to choose from:

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

• Up to 75 square foot room – 29-36” fan

• 76-144 square foot room – 36-42” fan

• 144-225 square foot room – 44” fan

• 225-400 square foot room – 50-54”fan

Once you have calculated the size of the fan, you should find the price range you would like to be in. If the fan will be used in an area like the bedroom or office, the team at Littman Bros Lighting recommends using a better quality fan so you will hear less noise coming from the fan.

After you have determined the size and price range of the fan, it is up to you to pick the style (the fun part). Some other things to consider will be whether you want a light on the fan and what type of control you deem works best in your space.