Contemporary Lighting
Littman Bros |  August 16, 2013

Pendant Lighting Functions

Kitchen Pendant LightingPendants are truly the jewelry of your home as they make for beautiful accents and supplemental lighting. Pendants are fixtures that hang from the ceiling, suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod. They are often hung in groupings, layered throughout a space like over you’re your kitchen island or highlighting your dining room table.

Bathroom Pendant LightingMany pendants produce the equivalent of 100 watts of light, which also makes for great task lighting within your home. They are especially useful over kitchen counter tops and sinks where extra lighting is needed, directly over a workspace; kitchens with additional lighting open up your design possibilities. Filament or Edison bulb pendants have become extremely popular, but they only produce 40 watts each, so pairing these pendants in multiples will add more depth and light to your space. Additionally many of the mini pendants with clear glass max out at 35 watt halogen bulbs, which not enough for general lighting in a functional kitchen. Additional ambient lighting is recommended in your kitchen or full bath – generally recessed lighting is effective in a bathroom with natural light. Adding a semi-flush fixture in the center of the space, adding a touch of extra light to what the pendants illuminate, is also a great way to brighten your Kitchen without creating harsh shadows.