Interior Design
Littman Bros |  June 10, 2014

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

The verdict is in as Pantone names Color of the Year. Unlike last year’s emerald green, which the company envisioned as a symbol of prosperity, growth and renewal, Pantone reached across the color wheel to name Radiant Orchid as its warmer version of the season’s top color.

To the Pantone color experts, Radiant Orchid is magical, captivating and enigmatic. It represents joy, health, and love and inspires greatercolor of the year creativity and innovation. The purple shade brings undertones of pink, rose, and fuchsia and has already been incorporated in spring fashions for interior home design schemes.

Radiant Orchid can be used to provide warmth and charm to rooms by incorporating it in painting schemes or furnishing colors, which can use white trim to offset the deep gush of color the hue presents. Table lamps with lamp shades featuring Radiant Orchid, wall sconces incorporating the color, as well as artwork and accent pieces such as vases, can be used to sprinkle the life of the color throughout any room.

The color is a blend of both cool and warm tones. This allows it amazing versatility by enabling it to be paired with a number of other hues, including teal, turquoise, and light yellow shades. This year’s top color also can spruce up an interior space by adding its own vibrancy when coupled with taupe, shades of gray, and beige. The combinations can be almost limitless as Radiant Orchid can be used as an element to unify diverse spaces.