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Contemporary Lighting

Pick of the Week: Hinkley’s Margeaux Collection

Littman Bros |  August 16, 2012

Hinkley recently added this distinct collection to their already extensive line of designer interior home lighting.  This collection has made our pick of the week for its beautiful silhouette and overall timeless design. The Margeaux Collection features a traditional style in lighting that is emphasized by its vintage brass finish and classic torchiere style arms. …


Emergency Lighting Tips

Littman Bros |  August 16, 2012

For commercial buildings, emergency lighting is an important part of the accessibility of the building. Often, emergency lights aid navigation during the nighttime hours both inside and out. There is an array of types of emergency lighting out there and they are available in a wide range of styles that will function efficiently when installed…


Should I Use a Floor Lamp or a Torchiere?

Littman Bros |  August 15, 2012

Although floor lamps and torchiere’s seem similar in appearance, there are noteworthy differences between the two and assist in different functions for your interior home lighting. Here is some information about each:   Floor Lamp – Floor lamps are habitually used for task lighting, next to a chair or table for reading, sewing, homework or…

Home Decor

The Brilliance of Mini Pendants

Littman Bros |  August 14, 2012

There are so many designs in mini pendants to choose from and they are definitely a wonderful addition to any space in your home to add that necessary task and general lighting discussed in our previous post. The shapes, glass, finishes and styles are endless and because of the size, mini pendants can add a…


How Should I Prepare When Shopping for Lights?

Littman Bros |  August 9, 2012

You will need to first develop a lighting plan for you and your home; it is the best way to stay organized throughout this process. First, you’ll want to create a lighting budget, have a good idea on your spending cap. It is smart to walk into this with some kind of financial plan. This…


How Do I Find the Perfect Lampshade?

Littman Bros |  August 8, 2012

When picking out a shade for your lamp, you should always remember that the shade should harmonize or complement the lamp without overpowering the design and shape of the lamp itself. Typically matching your shade shape with the body of your lamp works out the best for the overall look of the lamp; a square…

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Littman Bros |  August 7, 2012

Outdoor lighting is essential when lighting your home; it heightens the beauty of your property while providing safety and security.  Especially in the spring and summer, outdoor lighting allows you to use those spaces in the evening hours and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.  Here are some general tips for your outdoor lighting scheme: Make…

Interior Home Lighting

Pick of the Week: Fredrick Ramond’s Cameron Collection

Littman Bros |  August 3, 2012

Each week we are going to pick a favorite product, collection or trend to focus on to give you more insight into specific brands, styles and types of lighting.  There are so many choices in lighting out there today that it is an important notion to find something new and exciting to shed light on;…


What are the Benefits of Dark Sky Lights?

Littman Bros |  August 2, 2012

Dark Sky regulated fixtures are essentially alternatives to the standard lighting systems in order to preserve the night sky; numerous parts of the country have created a legislation to put a stop to light pollution.  The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) was created about 20 years ago as a nonprofit organization devoted to preserve the night….

Art Deco Lighting

Illuminating Your Home with Style

Littman Bros |  August 1, 2012

Everyone has a different type of style and décor they choose to have in their home and that décor tends to reflect the owner’s sense of personal style and panache; the interior décor of a home says a lot about the person who lives there.  That is why it s important that the lighting in…


What are the Benefits of ENERGY STAR Lights?

Littman Bros |  August 1, 2012

There are many advantages to using ENERGY STAR lights; choosing more efficient bulbs or fixtures can make a difference in your overall carbon footprint, limiting greenhouse gases as well as save you money in the long-run. ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) use less energy than typical incandescent bulbs, about 75 percent less energy. According…

Home Decor

Fundamentals of Interior Home Lighting

Littman Bros |  July 30, 2012

Interior home lighting is an essential ingredient in home décor and, when the correct design scheme and lighting style is chosen, it can create an ambiance all its own that can make your space a foundation of energy and liveliness that every home should contain.  Lighting is the most commanding component if interior design; without…