Littman Bros |  August 22, 2014

Outdoor Lighting for your New Deck or Patio

Many homeowners are looking for creative ways to spend time outdoors. Adding a deck or patio to your home is a great way to increase the popularity of your outdoor living space. More than eighty percent of homeowners indicated that adding a new deck was a top priority when tackling outdoor projects and with the right building materials and space for the proper lighting and décor, it can be a simple project. One of the key afterthoughts people don’t typically consider is the type of outdoor lighting necessary to brighten a new deck or patio for nighttime use; the proper addition of outdoor lighting is necessary in order to utilize your new deck at night.

Adding a deck or patio expands the total living space of your home and you can enjoy living outdoors all year with the addition of the new deck. The platform deck is the most popular and is great for a sloped yard; the homeowner can choose the proper height of the deck, based on the house’s overall stature. If a patio style outdoor living space is more of what you are looking for or a patio works best with your outdoor area, by all means, patios are wonderful for fairly flat areas of the outdoors.

Once you have found the proper materials, like wood or composite boards, as well as a nice plan for design and structure, make sure to consider the activities that will be taking place within the new deck or patio – whether it’s grilling, hosting functions or lounging, lighting is key in keeping up with the festivities, adding to the proper mood of the evening.

For patios and decks, landscape lighting would probably be the most proper style outdoor lighting, as it typically features a discreet design in lighting with a nice simplicity. Deck or step lights will not only add a sense of security around your outdoor living space but also create a delicate hue of light when you don’t care for any kind of overhead light in your space.

When the night is in full force though, overhead lighting and proper patio lights will be wanted. Try a simple outdoor hanging lantern or outdoor flush mount for the ceiling space while possible adding landscape path lights as well to complete the flow if outdoor lighting.

Whichever form of outdoor lighting scheme you create for your new patio or deck, just know that once it’s completed you will be relaxing, all year possibly, to the sounds of nature and the outdoor lighting of tranquility.