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Littman Bros |  April 9, 2018

Our Lighting Solutions For Your Small Spaces

Sometimes, when it comes to living in small spaces, we know that you have to make-do with what you got. Sure, your Pinterest board might be filled with large elaborate chandeliers and a laundry list of beautiful free-standing floor lamps, but your 400-square-foot apartment might not be best suited for those types of lighting solutions. At Littman Bros Lighting in the Chicago area, we say embrace your small space! There are plenty of lighting solutions for strategically illuminating your small rooms, from ceiling fixtures to interior wall lights, and we offer a large selection for you to choose from. Our team of lighting specialists can help you find the perfect lighting fixtures for your personal design preference, whether that’s traditional, classic, modern, contemporary, minimalist, or something completely different. Contact us today or visit our Schaumburg showroom!

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some of our favorite lighting solutions we know will give your small space an interior flair. Littman Bros Lighting was established in 1979 and we want to be more than your lighting distributor. We want to be your top lighting resource.

Track Lighting Is Your Friend

Track lighting is a modern type of ceiling lighting that places multiple individual light bulbs on one “track” or railing light fixture. You have the power to move the individual lights to face whatever direction of your choosing, making it a great way to illuminate certain areas of your small space without being overwhelming. Also, if you choose an eye-catching fixture, the attention of the room will be pulled upward, ultimately giving a more open illusion of your space.

Track lighting comes in different lengths and designs, and utilizing it in a small space means you’re not taking up wall or floor space, but rather ceiling space (which we know you’re probably not using as much, anyways). It’s also relatively affordable, ranging anywhere between $100 and $300.

A few of our favorites at Littman Bros Lighting include the Kichler Lighting Solstice Black Rail Light and the Quoizel Lighting Crofton Brushed Nickel LED Track Light. To check out our full track lighting collection for your small space lighting solutions, click here.

Strategic Wall Lighting

When it comes to interior wall lights, you can find strategic lighting solutions that save space and efficiently light up your small space. Petite wall sconces are a great way to add flair to a smaller room without hogging valuable wall, table or floor space. If you strategically place your interior wall light fixtures throughout the perimeter of the room, you can add a notion of wideness and openness. Also, adding wall lights in a line on one wall in the bathroom, or on either side of your vanity or bed, can make the room feel bigger than it is.

A few of our petite and fashionable wall sconces include the Metropolitan Lighting Glass Wall Sconce if you’re looking for something modern, or the Tiffany Buckingham Antique Wall Sconce for something for classic. View the whole selection here.

Pro tip: Don’t go too crazy on wall lighting fixtures in your small space. This can quickly fill up your walls, leaving you less space to hang some decorative wall art or picture frames. It can also make the room feel cluttered and even smaller if you choose too many wall lighting fixtures.

Opt For Minimal Lampshade Usage

Lampshades definitely add personality to light fixtures; however, if you’re in a small space, we suggest avoiding lampshades or opting for smaller lampshades. Depending on your goal lighting solution for the room you’re illuminating, lamp shades don’t only take up space, they also darken the room. Lampshades are most commonly seen on table and floor lamps, although some interior wall lights have them as well.

If you’re looking to add a lot of light to an area and save room, choose minimal lampshade usage — or nix it all together. If you’re wanting decorative lamp accents and are OK with the space usage, check out our lamp selection today!

Choose Task Lighting

Task lighting is essentially a non-movable light fixture that is designated for a specific lighting task. For example, Littman Bros Lighting offers under-cabinet lights, which are used to add light to any of your small space’s architectural features, such as the dining area, kitchen, and more! Most commonly, under-cabinet lighting is used in the kitchen, illuminating the space underneath the cabinets.

Task lighting is mostly functional, and will ensure you have necessary lighting when completing everyday tasks — whether that’s searching for a utensil for your late-night snack, or writing something down in the dark. Browse our selection here, and discover unique ways to utilize task lighting in your small space!

Stay Away From These Guys

Obviously, we’re not going to tell you to not do something you really want — but if your end goal is to make your small space appear bigger with lighting solutions, we suggest you avoid these lighting options:

  • Large or overwhelming wall lights. Most times, large wall lights are used to make a bold statement. But consider the size of your small room, and make sure if you want to have a huge wall light that it is worth sacrificing wall space you could use for something else.
  • Oversized chandeliers.  OK — we know chandeliers are gorgeous and a sophisticated way to light up a room. But again, if you really want that large glass chandelier, you have to make sure you’re willing to sacrifice the space of something else for it. And if you have low ceilings, this can be even more challenging in a small space, as chandeliers need at least 7 feet of space above the floor.

Overall, we suggest considering why you want lighting for your small space, what you want it to look like, and what you want it to do. Lighting is supposed to be functional, and lighting fixtures help bring a decorative aspect to that. Let our team at Littman Bros Lighting help you find the perfect lighting solution for your small space!

Shop Our High-Quality Lighting Solutions

Littman Bros Lighting is a Top Rated® National Lighting Supplier, and we strive to help all our customers find their perfect fit when it comes to our wide selection of lighting solutions. If you’re in the Chicago area and want to see our collection of lighting fixtures for yourself, stop by our Schaumburg showroom and meet our friendly, accommodating staff. We know we can help you find something that suits both your design preference and budget!

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