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Littman Bros |  July 25, 2013

Mercury Glass Pendants Offer Custom Beauty

Mercury Glass PendantMercury glass is now having resurgence in fun pendants in all shapes, sizes and colors – it first made its appearance in the 1840s in Bohemia or now known as the Czech Republic. Originally, these mercury glass pendants were hand blown double walled pieces. The space between the walls was then “silvered” with a silver nitrate and grape sugar solution. It got its name “Mercury” glass because the first mirrors were coated in mercury. Today’s Mercury pendants are typically a single piece of blown glass with an interior coating to create the antiqued mirror effect. These pendants are incredibly popular because of their subtle elegance and rustic feel; they take you back to an era of fine craftsmanship and custom glass artwork. Today, collections like the Fredrick Ramond Vivo line and the Uttermost Norbello collection combine simple contemporary glasses with elegant traditional curves and details. These stylish and fun pendants can truly liven up any space.