Littman Bros |  August 7, 2014

Making an Impact with Chrome Lighting

Gray has become associated with fashion, automotive, and literature trends in recent years, and chrome lighting has been embraced by many people as well. A smoky shade of gray adds an almost intangible extra to home and office decor, but chrome lighting can make an impact that is bold and complementary at the same time. Just as a silver or gray automobile can embody current style and timelessness, you can add chrome lighting to get the same lasting effect.

Gray has moved beyond any original association with black as a color of mourning. Just as black has become a color that can be versatile and even exciting, gray has made a similar transition. Chrome and various shadings of gray are often associated with innovation, and chrome lighting can turn an interior environment into a space that is bright, inviting, and tastefully updated.

Chrome lighting choices include everything from track lights, desktop lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers. Small and large rooms can accommodate a touch of chrome, and the reflective effect can make smaller spaces appear larger and larger spaces appear more cohesive and inviting. A mirrored wall may seem dated over time, but a touch of chrome can endure throughout numerous room decoration changes.

Soft lighting can simultaneously relax your body and mind and improve your productivity level, and you can select brushed or shiny chrome to house your lighting as you prefer. A monochromatic room or a space that is decked out in color can look even more impressive with a touch of chrome, and this wonderful aspect of silver, gray and chrome has been reflected in designs throughout many diverse industries. Certain color preferences in fashion, technology, and other popular interests may change with surprising frequency, but implementing chrome lighting can keep your surroundings looking current and tasteful through it all.

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