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Littman Bros |  October 27, 2014

Listing Your House

Many things can effect a home sale. Houses tend to sell at slower rates in fall in winter and faster in spring and summer, but there are 12 must-do actions for listing your house that support home listings any time of year. For example, updating the kitchen island lighting or landscape lighting are often times essentials, and the following outline will give you a house that is ready for listing from kitchen to curb.

  1. Know your market. Your area may be suffering with slow sales or countering nationwide trends. Consider several professional opinions, study your region, and use your good instincts.
  2. Schedule a home inspection. Some agents advise against this since the buyer will get an inspection before the closing, but a proactive approach is best. An inspection reveals problems and gives you time to make repairs on your terms.
  3. Inspect the exterior. Check window trim, porch furniture, and the cleanliness of the entryway. Kichler’s landscape lighting series has beautiful options, and replacing or adding entryway lighting enhances grand or modest landscaping.
  4. Organize papers. Gather utility bills, operating manuals for heating and cooling systems, appliances, and information about house paint colors. This entices buyers and shows that you are serious about selling.
  5. Get estimates. Research the cost for replacing your water heater, furnace, or roof. Replacing these items require budgeting and planning, but making these repairs may keep you from accepting a lower asking price.
  6. Check your mailbox. A crooked or damaged mailbox diminishes curb appeal. Clean, straighten, or replace your mailbox as needed.
  7. De-clutter. Excess accessories look unattractive even if they are beautiful on their own. Eliminate junk, outdated items, and excess room items.
  8. Depersonalize. Your style may not suit potential buyers. Sleek but functional kitchen island lighting has more appeal than outdated or overly whimsical interior lighting.
  9. Clean. A thorough cleaning enhances any home. Clear cobwebs, dirt, and dust before you list your home.
  10. Manicure the landscaping. Trim trees, pull weeds, and add Kichler landscape lighting as a final touch. This maximizes curb appeal and invites buyers to take a closer look at your home.
  11. Keep pets under control. Pet dander, hair, and unsightly supplies dissuade buyers. Pets can be wonderful, but it is best to keep them out of sight if you are actively showing your home.
  12. Take some before and after photos. Your home may need structural work or simple cosmetic repairs. Following these 12 steps can get your home ready despite any market challenges.