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Littman Bros |  April 2, 2013

This Year’s Home Lighting Trends

Lighting LifestyleAre you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to update your space?  There is no denying that lighting can completely altar the atmosphere and overall appeal of a space.  Light fixtures can be used to brighten up a dark space, add definition, highlight and bring style to a room.  One of the simplest ways to modernize a space is to brighten and lighten it up; today we are seeing more light and airy overall design schemes with simple elements of elegance.

Brighten your space by adding additional lighting – many times the perimeters of a room get lost in the darkness. By simply adding light around the edges of a space will make a room feel bigger and more open by recapturing some of your square footage.  Accent lighting through sconces and lamps can also brighten dark corners and create highlighted accents with in a space; these highlights add another dimension and interest to a room.

If adding additional lighting is out of your budget, simply change the existing fixtures you currently have with more updated versions, it will create a nice touch.  Many of the outdated light fixtures are heavier with darker finishes or do not produce enough wattage, today’s fixtures are lighter in both color and design. The newest finishes are champagne (satin nickel and gold combo), satin gold and white.  These finishes modernize both traditional and contemporary designs creating a delicate elegance that fits into any décor.  The lights themselves are also putting out more lumens, which is far more energy conscious – LED fixtures and bulbs continue to get warmer, brighter and less expensive.  Many LED designs are now concealing the LEDs themselves allowing incorporation into more mainstream and decorative fixtures.