Littman Bros |  January 19, 2010

Lighting Ideas for Kids

Often times it can be hard to figure out lighting ideas for kids as they change their mind on a daily basis and who knows what their tastes have turned into this week from the last. Creating a new lighting scheme for your kids can be fun way to spend time together and allow your son or
daughter to add their own touch to their space. Lighting the area in which your kids spend ample time can make a big difference in mood and getting the necessary tasks done, like homework or reading in their free time. Time to rally up the family and create a new lighting plan that your children will love – here are some quick tips that can make a big difference, some basic lighting ideas for kids, that will bring some life into basic daily tasks.

Lighting Ideas for Kids:
  • Choose glare-free desk lighting to prevent eye strain and fatigue; Koncept lighting offers a wonderful array of desk lamps in cool and vibrant colors that your kids will probably love.
  • A nice central ceiling light, like a flush mount or pendant lighting will add great general lighting to your kids bedroom. Lighting comes in an array of novelty lighting that can be a great touch to a bedroom.
  • If you’re right-handed, position the light to your left hand side, and vice verse to avoid hand shadows across your book or notebook.
  • Use clip-on lighting and floor lamps for general room lighting.
  • Choose halogen or fluorescent bulbs to better illuminate your reading material.

In addition to proper lighting for long nights of reading and doing homework, a can provide a handy cooling system around heat producing laptops.