Interior Home Lighting
Littman Bros |  April 19, 2013

Lighting Solutions for High Ceilings

Tall Ceiling LightingWhen lit and decorated correctly rooms with high ceilings can be the most beautiful space in your home.  Although, the sheer size often presents some challenges in lighting; a large room with high ceilings requires layers of light that create depth and make the space feel inviting.First, some overall general lighting will be needed – this can be accomplished through recessed lighting, a chandelier or some lamps.  Many chandeliers will help to give a human proportion to the space, drawing attention to the absolute height of the ceiling and size of the room but it may not provide enough light on its own.  Think of the most important areas of the room and highlight them with the recessed lighting.

Next, you should ask yourself, Tall Ceiling Lighting2are there sitting areas? Tables? A fireplace? Or perhaps a work area, like an island?  Recessed lights and chandeliers give a great general wash of light but sometimes cannot give the ample amount of direct lighting in a room with a high ceiling. So think about adding lamps, which are great for sitting areas as they give general lighting for a smaller space, creating a cozy feeling within a large room.  Any area where a task will be performed needs additional, more intense task lighting. If it is a kitchen or bar area, under cabinet lighting and pendants will add the additional light needed.

Now, let’s create layers in the space – look for the architectural details in the room and highlight them.  Is there a fireplace?  Wash the stone with some angled can lights.  Wooden beams or trusses?  Hide up lighting in them and create a wash of light on the ceiling, this will draw attention to the height of the space.  You can always accentuate this more by adding tall wall sconces on the surrounding areas, which will create beams of light, washing the wall vertically.