Littman Bros |  February 17, 2012

Industry News: Lighting Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Industry News – Current economic times have left home owners struggling to find a safe way to invest in their home. Common ideas such as landscaping have the potential to add value to your property but it also suffers from wear and tear and demands constant upkeep. One investment that requires no maintenance, does not suffer from aging, and always retains the original value is quality lighting fixtures.

Lighting manufacturers such as Hinkley Lighting stand by the fact that their products will increase the value of a home. Hinkley has dedicated an entire section of their website to inform homeowners of the lights that will add the most value. Lighting Tips at is a step-by-step guide for installing the lights that realtors look for.

Benson Littman, Owner of Littman Bros. Lighting based in Schaumburg, IL, says, “Customers who are selling their home will come into our store and buy lights for their entire house.” In talking about how lighting has the potential to increase the property value of a home, Littman added, “It’s like investing in fine art. It never loses value.”

This is true for both interior and exterior lighting. “Bathrooms are sometimes overlooked rooms in terms of lighting. Beautiful bathrooms really enhance the value of a home,” said Littman. Hinkley has a guide on the best lighting practices specifically for bathrooms. According to Hinkley, proper layering is essential for all bathrooms. “It is the room where people get ready for the day and it is important that the colors and shadows are just right, bathroom lighting will dictate the functionality of a bathroom,” says Littman who has been in the lighting industry for almost 35 years. As the director of, Littman strives to ensure customer satisfaction by offering the most options with great customer support. His site offers advice from lighting experts with decades of experience in the lighting business to guarantee customers are buying the lights that will best fit their home and eventually return on their investment.

Lighting fixtures are a flawless investment for any home. It is makes your home more enjoyable to spend time in and above all it increases the bottom line should you decide to sell.