Littman Bros |  July 23, 2014

Light Fixtures as Art

It’s the Tiny Details That Make or Break Any Room

Look at any room’s photo in a home magazine. What do you notice? The colors, patterns, unique furniture pieces and arrangements, probably. Do you know the one thing that pulls all of those designs you love together, but rarely gets its proper due? The light fixtures or lighting scheme.

You can paint your walls any color you’d like, and use the most fabulously expensive fabrics, but poor lighting will not only alter the feel of a room, it will also render all of your other efforts useless. This is why lighting is key to creating a specific atmosphere in any room. What about the source?

That light — whether it’s dim and romantic or bright and airy — needs to come from somewhere. That “somewhere” is the wonderful array of light fixtures, and like the details of a fine evening gown, they can make or break the aesthetic of a room. Light itself can be used as art, but the fixtures used are also works of their own — and the ones you choose will make a statement about you.

Some may think of light fixtures and picture domed glass, polished metal, or discreet “please-don’t-notice-me” settings for light bulbs. However, light fixtures can actually lend a hand in the design of a room. They can be like small sculptures of delicate filigree on the walls. Some are modern art, while others are more chic and understated. Just as with any art, lighting fixtures can also be decidedly masculine or feminine.

Now take another look at those great photos in the home magazines. You may begin to notice not only the use of light in the picture, but also the light fixtures themselves. Once you understand the artful way they can bring the entire room together, or sometimes the not so beautiful way they can clutter or take a room’s aesthetic away, you may never look at interior design the same way again.