Energy Efficient Lighting
Littman Bros |  October 11, 2013

Light Fixture Types and Their Purposes: LED Tape

LED TapeLED tape has made it possible to add clean and seamless lighting to any location. It is so small at one-eighth inches tall and a one-quarter wide. Many LED tapes can be cut every two to three inches so they can fit into any space from small accent cubbies to long runs of crown molding and the 3M adhesive on the back of these strips will adhere to any material making for easy installation. Some products can be applied into extruded metal strips with frosted lenses, which are great for jewelry cases and other applications where the tape could be seen; the metal and lens encase the tape creating a sleek and modern fixture.

LED tape is made in a variety of intensities and colors, perfect for any application and LEDs are now produced as warm as incandescent lighting, making it great for accenting shelving or cove lighting; the warmer tones make a space more inviting and cozy and they also make a neutral white color that looks great against white surfaces for a more modern look. Color changing LEDs can be placed above crown molding or under the cabinets in a bar area. The LEDs produce any color in the rainbow or transition between them creating a fun and club-like atmosphere. The most common residential application for LED tape is under cabinet lighting; for this purpose, the tape is easy to apply after cabinets have been installed. Only one 120-volt power supply is needed for a run of lights and can be easily concealed in the upper microwave or fridge cabinet. The 12-volt wire that runs from the power source to the lights is easily hidden in cabinets, walls and behind back-splashes for a seamless installation. LED tape with three to four watts per foot creates bright task lighting that can be dimmed down when accent lighting is preferred.