Littman Bros |  August 12, 2009

Layers of Foyer Lighting

A well configured lighting plan for a foyer consists of a combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting.  Layers of foyer lighting start with ambient lighting as the base layer.  Ambient lighting allows safe entrance into a room.  Examples of foyer ambient lighting are recessed cans and step lighting.  Also referred to as general lighting, the ambient fixtures will allow for easy movement into and through the foyer.  The accent fixture serves both the purpose of lighting a space, but also compliments the interior or exterior design of the space.  If you have a large foyer with a high ceiling, a decorative foyer chandelier can be an attractive focal point. If your foyer is smaller, a smaller mini chandelier or flush mount ceiling fixture are more fitting.  It is common for large foyer chandeliers to be greater in height than width.

Selecting the proper lighting for your foyer is largely dependent on the size of the foyer itself.  You need to determine the height of your foyer first, in order to establish what type of ambient lighting should be used.  It your foyer is nine feet or less, you should use a flush mount ceiling fixture.  If the height of your foyer is greater than 9 feet, the space is equipped to suit a chandelier or large pendant.