Your style is one that suits your life.  True style does not mean having a rigid adherence to one specific look, but rather knowing which elements go together, and which style of shapes, colors, patterns, textures, etc. will compliment the surrounding architecture.

Making sure your interior design style flows throughout your home is an important factor in creating your lighting scheme. Whatever your current interior decor, you will find a fixture to fit your needs; whether you need to harmonize with your decor, blend with or add that pop of style to your space, a lighting style is out there for you. Interior design styles can be interpreted in a variety of ways and often times may not coincide with what you believe to be appropriate or stylish – because of this, we’ve brought together a group of our lighting professionals, blending a spectrum of opinions and personal styles, to create this short interior design style guide just for you.

The products on our site are categorized by different styles to help you find the perfect fixture.  You can skim through the style definitions below to understand which style categories to apply to your lighting search.

Interior Lighting Styles

Beach Style

Everyone loves vacationing near the beach; the ocean, lake or other summer home near a coastal area brings an overall evocation of the seaside, recalling a sense of relaxation and updated simplicity. This style doesn’t always have to be referred to as beach style, as different designers and homeowners have different tastes; nautical, modern cottage style or coastal living can be all umbrella’d under the overall beach style as well.

Beach Style Pendant

Murray Feiss P1239BS/GW Urban Renewal Brushed Steel Pendant

This is a classic example of a beach style pendant that can become a more easy-going decorating style. Look for any type of “marine-style” lights with this caged design surrounding the glass set against a lighter, softer finish; white linens as well as wicker and rope-like textures also add that beach-y touch. Beach style pieces vary widely but include a blend of other styles like Mission as well as a rustic beach-chic.

beach style vanity

Vaxcel W0019 Jamestown Parisian Bronze 2 Light Vanity

This is another route you can take when designing your home with beach style lighting, a more rustic version of coastal living as mentioned earlier. The darker, bronze finish with the clear seedy glass brings the perception to being at a cabin by the beach.

beach style semi-flush

Hinkley Lighting 3321BN Hutton Brushed Nickel Semi-Flush Mount

Here you can go with a more simplistic, minimalist way when lighting your home in beach style. The silhouette and soft, etched opal glass brings a soft coastal warmth to the space. Adding a clean and uncomplicated fixture with this style allows you to add other elements to your space to amplify the beach style; a few beach style table or floor lamps along with pops of blue, shells, textured baskets and distressed wood pieces of decor.

beach style outdoor sconce

Trans Globe 41015 BK Black Outdoor Wall Sconce

This Trans Globe outdoor wall sconce is a classic example of beach style outdoor lighting if you want to be totally straightforward in your lighting scheme. This brings an absolute nautical and coastal touch to your outdoors while warming up your space as you enjoy refreshments outside on your patio or porch. Whether you are living on the beach or not, this style lighting will bring that ambiance right to your back door.

Eclectic Style

Eclectic style lighting is about finding those bold, daring statement pieces with unique colors and textures or unusual silhouettes and designs; eclectic style is wide-ranging, varied and very liberal and can truly accentuate any space. The great thing about eclectic style is that you can throw in one fixture, a chandelier or pendant, into a room with a softer decor and it will heighten the design aesthetic for the entire space. It’s about picking out lighting that you like just because you like it. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on that fixture with the unconventional design, if you like it you will make it work and create an eclectic decor with just the right touch of you.

eclectic style pendant

Cyan Design 04397 Jellyfish Blue Pendant

The color itself in this piece brings you to eclectic style right away, but add the sweeping, woven arms and extremely unique silhouette then you’ve brought yourself to a wonderful level of eclectic flavor.

eclectic style pendant

ET2 Lighting E20513-62 Carnivale Polished Chrome Pendant

This ET2 Lighting Carnivale pendant brings a Gothic, eclectic design to the home. The black acrylic, bold arms bring a very rare touch to any space. If you find fixtures like these to be too busy in a certain room of your home, try placing it in a space with a more minimal decor.

eclectic style sconce

Corbett Lighting 154-12 Graffiti Silver Leaf Wall Sconce

This wall sconce brings the diverse style that is eclectic right into your home; the best part about adding unique wall sconces like this is that if you are unsure how far into the eclectic style you want to go, adding wall sconces instead of a major ceiling fixture will allow you to slowly delve into this style.

eclectic style pendant

Eurofase Lighting CH-20KAS-05 Kasper Chrome 20 Light Chandelier

This would be a more simple approach to eclectic style lighting. Yes, this pendant is eclectic style, absolutely, but the lack of details and simple chrome finish allows you to bring eclectic into your home without going overboard.

Mid-Century Modern Style

The mid-century modern movement was driven by designers like Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson working with Herman Miller to create simple and functional designs. It was a period that was rich with innovative architecture, interior and product design that continue to hold an iconic status today. This style typically characterizes mid-20th century designs with a modern twist.  Characterized by clean lines, balanced shapes, and fundamental materials.  Mid-century modern style is both subtle and striking in their compositions.

mid-century modern style

PLC Lighting 7228 Aosta Satin Nickel Semi-Flush Mount

This is great example of retro lighting that defines the mid-century modern style you can achieve in your home. A fixture like this can become a unique focal point in your space, the silhouette and simple design that’s very 60’s inspired. 

modern retro lamp

Sonneman 3130.10Y Lightweights Satin Aluminum Table Lamp

Mid-century modern table lamps are a wonderful way to add this style to your home in a quick and easy manner. There are a wide range of modern retro variations of lamps and table lamps that have this pop of color or unique silhouette to pull through this retro vibe.

modern retro chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 4218BC Harlow Brushed Caramel 8 Light Chandelier

This chic and simplistic chandelier from Hinkley lighting is a glamorous variation of retro style lighting. The way the arms are designed, straight simple lines, defines modern retro styles but features a more updated version.

retro style pendant

Corbett Lighting 138-42 Tango Textured Bronze LED Pendant

Take yourself back to the 60’s with this pendant to truly achieve that modern retro inspired decor. The dark finish and unique mazed, round silhouette will attract the retro style you’re looking for.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style lighting brings about clean lines, less ornamentation and a minimalist design aesthetic and can be used within an fairly polished decor, or as a complement to more ornate settings. Contemporary lighting can often make a statement within an already contemporary setting as the decor for modern or contemporary spaces has neutral elements and basic lines and forms. Metallic finishes, some pops of color (not too much), straight lines, smooth profiles, solid patterns are just some of the variations in modern or contemporary style you will see.

contemporary style pendant

Access Lighting 52040-BS-OPL Cosmos Brushed Steel Island Light

This contemporary linear pendant is a great addition to any contemporary interior decor; lines, angles and horizontal to vertical axis bring together a modern touch. Access Lighting is known for designing very contemporary and modern pieces with unique silhouettes to choose from.

contemporary style pendant

ET2 Lighting E94054-14 Carte Bronze LED Linear Pendant

This is a great example of a contemporary piece that adds a nice pop of color to a space. The simple shape of each glass pendant along this horizontal modern form along with the amber glass creates a ambient component that sometimes contemporary lighting misses out on. So if you want a warmer ambiance while aiming for modern style, try using something like this linear pendant.

modern vanity light

Hinkley Lighting 5773BN Lola Brushed Nickel 3 Light Vanity

You can see the simplicity in the silhouette of this vanity light, the straight lines and cubed frosted glass set against the sleek brushed nickel finish brings forth that contemporary touch every bathroom needs. Mixing the sheen of the thick ice glass cradled in the nickel brackets adds a nice modern contrast to the fixture as well.

contemporary pendant

Forecast F447-36 Alexis Satin Nickel Pendant

Shaded pendants with a neutral color is a wonderful way to add a modern style to your space. The simple shape of pendants like these pulls that horizontal-vertical perception you want in the space.

Crystal Style

Crystal style lighting is one of the more easy designs to achieve as you just have to focus on finding pieces that have ornamentation or embellishments of crystal accents. This style can swing in various directions as far as initial style goes; contemporary, transitional or traditional, just depends on the decor you want to accent in your home. Crystal fixtures tend to be dramatic pieces so definitely make sure the space calls for such a fixture so as to not make the room busy or over-filled.

crystal style pendant

Schonbek Lighting RE2109 Refrax Silver Pendant

This is a very contemporary version of crystal style lighting that adds a wonderful sparkle and dramatic touch to any space. Schonbek Lighting and the brand’s Geometrix collection features a whole line of modern crystal style lighting with a range of unique colors and silhouettes for you to choose from. If you want to stay on the contemporary side these collection’s are a great choice.

crystal style chandelier

Crystorama 5575 Dawson Antique Brass 5 Light Chandelier

For a more ornate and traditional crystal style chandelier, this design would be suited best in a more classic home. The shape and ornamentation of the crystal bobeches set against the brass finish ties in a beautiful design for any lighting scheme.

crystal style sconce

ELK Lighting 11229/2 Optix Polished Chrome 2 Light Vanity

For a vanity light, sometimes simple crystal details is better. Often times with bathroom lighting it is good to stay with something on the simple side and this 2 light vanity from Elk Lighting would add a modern twist to this crystal style vanity light. if you would rather a more ornate version, there are plenty of choices out there in the more traditional style vanity light.

crystal chandelier

Fredrick Ramond FR43358PSS Xanadu Stainless Steel 9 Light Chandelier

As mentioned before, crystal style lighting can come in many forms of styles. This Hinkley Lighting chandelier is considered a more transitional design in crystal lighting. An updated design on a classic silhouette with ornate crystal details allows this fixture to create a unique design in lighting for crystal style fixtures.

Mission Style

Mission style lighting, also referred to as Craftsman, is a very casual and comfortable style to bring into the home. This style began in the late 19th Century as an expression of the American Arts & Crafts movement. When looking for lighting with Mission style or variations of Mission style, focus on geometric lines, cutout shapes with darker bronze or iron finishes set against a warmer glass type, like amber or mosaic glass. This style is very functional with a lack of scrollwork and embellishments and is very popular in the outdoor lighting section of the home.

mission style sconce

Hinkley Lighting 2570AR Harbor Anchor Bronze Outdoor Wall Sconce

You can see the warm tones being the focus of Mission style in the outdoor wall sconce; the simple, clean lines set against the amber etched glass is the definition of Mission style lighting. 

mission style island light

Progress Lighting P4100-46 Arts & Crafts Bronze Island Light

This would be a great addition to any space looking for a Mission style fixture. This design in an island light is perfect for any kitchen or dining room setting; the bronze finish combined with the honey art glass and geometric shapes creates a wonderful piece for any setting. .

mission style outdoor sconce

Kichler Lighting 9131AGZ Cross Creek Aged Bronze Outdoor Wall Sconce

Another outdoor lighting version of Mission style, a little different than the other but similar in design and shape as far as this style goes.

mission style pendant

Murray Feiss F2081/3GBZ Fusion Grecian Bronze Pendant

A wonderful pendant to have in the home for Mission style, this Murray Feiss pendant almost feels a little modern retro with the silhouette but the geometric shapes and lines throughout make it a great example of Mission style.

Olde World Style

Olde world style inspired a vintage look, taken back into the times where chandeliers were tiered and lit with candles. The iron finishes with often extreme ornate details as well as warmer, deeper tones of colors like deep reds or amber. Matte finishes are seen more in this style as the shiny and sleek chromes and polishes are too reflective. This style is how we would take rich and regal and can often times take on a Mediterranean vibe to some of the styles designs. Take a look at some of our examples below:

olde world style chandelier

Eurofase Lighting 17488-013 Modesa Rustic Bronze 6 Light Chandelier

A great example of olde world lighting, this chandelier truly takes you back to the middle ages with the candelabra lights and the ornate metal detailing in the warm bronze finish. The silhouette is perhaps taken from the same shapes as the Medieval period, as late as the 15th Century. 

olde world outdoor sconce

Kichler Lighting 9359LD Tournai Londenderry Outdoor Wall Sconce

Outdoor lighting can definitely take on this olde world style, after all when kings ruled and lived in castles there was outdoor lighting all throughout the outside for safety and protection. The design of thisn outdoor wall sconce is absolutely reminiscent of the Medieval times with its matte finish and iron details.

olde world chandelier

Thomasville Lighting P4536-75 Messina Aged Mahogany 9 Light Chandelier

The olde world style silhouette is prominent in the fixture. The olde world style can warm up any space that already has a traditional decor or a warm classic touch.

olde world style outdoor lantern

The Great Outdoors 9244-66-PL Montalbo Black Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The extra dark finish on this outdoor hanging lantern against the warm glass makes this piece especially olde world style. The silhouette especially brings back the memories of times past. This would be a wonderful touch to anyone’s outdoor seating area or front entryway to welcome guests and add some light for safety.

Tiffany Style

Easy to spot with the colorful art glass mosaic shades, Tiffany style lighting was a part of the Art Nouveau era and takes on the beauty of any stained glass window. Tiffany style often has iron or bronze finishes with varying color patterns of glass of botanical and geometric designs. Tiffany lamps are most popular within this style and often times people with varying design aesthetics enjoy adding a touch of Tiffany style to amp up the decor of a room.

tiffany style table lamp

Dimond Lighting 126-0010 Mini Tiffany Tiffany Glass Table Lamp

Here we have a botanical, more bohemian design in Tiffany style lighting. The earthy combination of colors with vintage flowers and vibrant hues allows this piece to really stand out within a space.

tiffany style chandelier

Kichler Lighting 66054 Morton Olde Bronze 5 Light Chandelier

A lot of times Tiffany style can look similar to Mission style fixtures, as they both have warmer hues and finishes. When we see geometric designs like this one, the straight lines and touch of Mission style can really work within any current home decor.

tiffany style semi-flush

Quoizel TF878SVB Kami Vintage Bronze Semi-Flush Mount

A Tiffany style light like this is great if you need to fill a room with light. The botanical glass arrangement with the colors and large glass bowl, spreads light throughout a space beautifully.

tiffany table lamp

Quoizel TF1176TVB Hathaway Tiffany Vintage Bronze Table Lamp

A more masculine look in Tiffany style, this Tiffany lamp can boast well in a Mission style home for sure. This geometric design in Tiffany style will provide your space with just the right touch of illumination.

Traditional Style

Typically a bit more formal or ornate, this refined style features intricate details and timeless elegance.  The timeless design is often inspired by classic architectural styles, European roots, and a classical English Country.  Detailed colors and lines are defined by rich finishes, intricate patterns, and an overall conservative tone, which add sophistication, warmth, and richness to a space.

Hinkley Lighting 4416PW Cambridge Pewter 6 Light Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 4416PW Cambridge Pewter 6 Light Chandelier

This classic traditional Williamsburg style chandelier create a timeless elegance in any space.  The Cambridge collection offers a classic appeal with its pewter finish, candelabra arms, and beaded ball fonts.

Fine Art Lamps 780440-6 Black + White Story Black Satin Pendant

Fine Art Lamps 780440-6 Black + White Story Black Satin Pendant

The simplistic design define the tradition found in Fine Art Lamps Black + White collection.  The fixture’s eight lights are caged by five pillars.

Kichler Lighting 43177OZ Feville Olde Bronze 9 Light Chandelier

Kichler Lighting 43177OZ Feville Olde Bronze 9 Light Chandelier

The silhouette of this  fixture encompasses the elegance of traditional style.  

Hinkley Lighting 4772SL Carlton Silver Leaf Wall Sconce

Hinkley Lighting 4772SL Carlton Silver Leaf Wall Sconce

The elegant petite design for the Carlton collection is sophisticated and memorable.  The iron candelabra’s are finished in authentic Silver Leaf, and completed with amber pearl crystal accents.

Transitional Style

Transitional style lighting harmonizes the designs in both contemporary and traditional style lighting, which allows transitional pieces to balance with a wide variety of decor choices or a liberal layering of styles. Transitional style is refined while also channeling an up-to-date style that will stay relevant over the years. Look for a clean design with a minimalist approach, although sometimes you will find some exceptions to this with curvy lines in unique silhouettes.

transitional chandelier

Golden Lighting 9106-9 PW-OPL Taylor Pewter 9 Light Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier from Golden Lighting features an updated design to a well known traditional silhouette. The updated style creates a more modern twist on what is expected to be a more traditional style, thus making this a perfect transitional style chandelier for your lighting scheme.

transitional chandelier

Fine Art Lamps 815240ST Villandry Silver Leaf 6 Light Chandelier

Fine Art Lamps designs wonderful examples of transitional style pieces; this chandelier exemplifies transitional style because of the smooth, modern lines attempting to flow into a traditional silhouette but changes as it ebbs outwards instead of curling in. 

transitional style chandelier

Kichler Lighting 43022CH Brooklands Chrome 6 Light Chandelier

A contemporary look but a transitional style, this chandelier’s novel design but calssic glass shades creates a timeless transitional style light for any home decor.

transitional style vanity

Thomas Lighting SL715315 Pendenza Oiled Bronze 3 Light Vanity

The updated curves of this 3 light vanity from Thomas Lighting features a clean design in lighting, perfect for any bathroom setting.

Farmhouse Style

A farmhouse style tends to focus on natural materials with earthy rustic tones, as well as simplistic and modern designs.  This style takes a very easy-going approach.

Fredrick Ramond FR40204IRN Jasper Iron Island Light

Fredrick Ramond FR40204IRN Jasper Iron Island Light

Fredrick Ramond Jasper collection creates a farmhouse linear chandelier comprised of wood, metal and glass.  The materials mirror the same materials used to construct a barn. 

Hudson Valley Lighting 6812-WPN Lydney White Polish Nickel Pendant

Hudson Valley Lighting 6812-WPN Lydney White Polish Nickel Pendant

White is a staple in farmhouse style.  This industrial looking pendant from the Hudson Valley Lydney collection pulls together a simplistic and timeless design.

Hinkley Lighting 1204SN Montauk Sienna Outdoor Wall Sconce

Hinkley Lighting 1204SN Montauk Sienna Outdoor Wall Sconce

The seedy glass and bronze finish on the Hinkley Montauk outdoor wall sconce emulate the vintage component of farmhouse style.

Hudson Valley 9915-DB Distressed Bronze Pendant

Hudson Valley 9915-DB Distressed Bronze Pendant

This timeless distressed bronze pendant transitions the modern white look in farmhouse style designs and establishes color focal points to visually ground an island.