Littman Bros |  September 12, 2014

Mix Things Up with Asian Style Lighting

Surrounding yourself with decor inspired by Asian influences can add serenity and balance to your home, and you may be surprised at how Asian style lighting and other accents can complement traditional or contemporary furnishings. There are a lot of easy ways to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home, and you can emphasize colors, textures, and mix in great lighting as well. Your country French, modern, or even ultra-contemporary style choices can look just right when you take a cue from some exciting decorating tips.

Clean lines and natural materials create a balanced and harmonious Zen feeling, and the quick addition of a floor lamp with bamboo accents or table lamp that reflects Asian style lighting will look great with soft traditional sofas and chairs. Your side tables, wardrobe, book cases, or media storage furniture may be contemporary glass, chrome, or steel, and these pieces may look even more spectacular with the addition of wood blinds, bamboo lamps, or shoji screening.

A cluttered room can disrupt a beautiful open floor plan, but you can keep things simple and uncluttered with serene Asian styling. The circle is an important shape, and this motif is found in Japanese decor. The color red is very important in Chinese art and culture, and fixtures that feature this color can mix well with neutrals, glass, or wood.

Antique lighting or fixtures that have a noticeable patina reflect a variety of Asian styles, and adding light sources as varied as wall sconces and track lighting can be easy ways to incorporate Asian style lighting. Remember to put some thought into your decorating updates, and recognize that powerful colors like red, vibrant Chinoserie patterns, and strong textures should be used purposefully. Your Asian inspirations can be exceptional room additions if you follow these fun and creative tips.