Art Deco Lighting
Littman Bros |  August 1, 2012

Illuminating Your Home with Style

Everyone has a different type of style and décor they choose to have in their home and that décor tends to reflect the owner’s sense of personal style and panache; the interior décor of a home says a lot about the person who lives there.  That is why it s important that the lighting in your home harmonizes with the other features within your space.  Here is a little guide to explain the various styles of lighting you can choose from when creating a lighting plan for your home:

Contemporary Style Lighting

Contemporary Style

  • Classic/Traditional Style – Traditional style lighting features a design with elegance that is timeless and includes unique, eye-catching elements incorporated into each fixture.  This style is a common one to choose for homes; it is considered Early American or Victorian style, which was and is today a very ornamental and graceful method in designing.  Look for heavy embellishments with complex detailing, gentle curves (often sweeping elongated arms for chandeliers) and simple finishes like bronze, gold or silver.


  • Contemporary Style – A very minimalist type of lighting, contemporary or modern fixtures have simple, clean lines and little use of elaborate ornamentation.  Polished metals (chrome, silver or nickel finishes), pops of colors and an overall functional design is typical.  If your current décor is modern or contemporary, then this style in lighting is crucial for some balance.  The good news is brands are continuing to design more and more stylish modern lighting; you will have a lot to choose from.


  • Transitional Style – This style in lighting is very flexible as far as balancing with your home’s current décor.  Transitional style can be paired with almost any other interior decoration; it features traditional silhouettes with an often modern, clean look.
Crystal Style Lighting

Crystal Style

  • Crystal Style – Finding a fixture with crystal detailing will add that extra pizzazz to your space.  Crystal style lighting can be completely covered with crystals or incorporated them sparingly but either way, these crystal fixtures have that extra sparkle some other ones just don’t have.  Crystals can be hand-cut, machine-cut or molded into a wide range of shapes and colors.


  • Old Worlde Style – This style brings you back to the days where candles would light a room; olde world style often plays on that, featuring iron worked metals and candelabra bulbs (creating the appearance of faux candles) combined with vintage accents and warm amber glass.


  • Mission Style – Bold, thicker lines in bronze or brown finishes against a warm amber glass is what we typically see in mission style lighting; it often can complements both traditional or contemporary décor.  It is also typical to see mission style lighting in a lot of outdoor lighting.
Mission Style Lighting

Mission Style

  • Art Deco/Retro Style – Look for bold, abstract forms and geometric shapes.  This style originates from the 1920s and has interesting suggestions with color, adaptability and allure.


  • Lodge/Rustic Style – This style emulates a log cabin sentiment with wooden textures, darker hues and often a traditional form that has a unique characteristic or viewpoint to it.

With all these styles, what shall you choose?  Well, this is the fun part…  You should take your time and choose wisely, making sure to decide what direction you want to go that will complement your home’s décor; look at as many types of fixtures as you need to, it’s an exciting process.