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Littman Bros |  June 29, 2018

How To Properly Light Your Outdoor Space

Your home’s outdoor space or patio is one of the first things guests and visitors will see when they approach your home, so you want to make it an inviting and beautiful area that aims to impress. One way of doing so is by finding lighting solutions for your exterior home lighting that illuminates the best parts of your patio or outdoor space, whether you’re focusing on your home’s front yard, your backyard or both.

At Littman Bros Lighting in Schaumburg, Illinois, we offer a wide variety of exterior home lighting, which means we can find you lighting solutions that are bound to fit your budget and style. We’ve had a presence in the Chicago area since 1979 and our lighting experts have a passion for finding our customers the perfect exterior home lighting. Visit our showroom today to see our large selection of lighting products for yourself.

In this blog post, we’ll offer advice and tips on how to properly light your home’s outdoor space to optimize the space’s design, functionality, safety and security.

Areas To Hone In On

When it comes to finding the areas that specifically need to be enhanced with lighting on your home’s outdoor patio or your general outdoor space, there are few places we encourage honing in on. Those areas include the following:

  • Your main entertainment areas.
  • Any areas that require additional safety precautions.
  • Any areas you want to keep secured from the general public.

These are the outdoor spaces of your home that are the most widely utilized, and they are the most important areas of your outdoor space you need to illuminate for several reasons.

Your main entertainment areas are where you’ll be spending the most time entertaining family and friends, or where you’ll relax by yourself on a cool, summer evening. You want this space to be aesthetically pleasing, well-designed and ultimately functional for an enjoyable time. Think about the outdoor space where you have a dining table or fire pit for lounging and gathering.

Adding light to areas of your outdoor space that may be unsafe without it has an obvious benefit — it enhances the overall safety of the area for those who use it. Dark outdoor spaces can often lead to injuries or other unsafe outcomes, which is why you should scope out and note the most tripping prone areas of your outdoor space or patio when choosing exterior home lighting. Think near starways or the edge of any heightened decks.

Lastly, lighting can oftentimes be used as a security blanket for the outdoor areas of your home you don’t want people to mess with. People tend to generally think they can get away with more when they’re unseen and hidden in the dark, so adding proper lighting to your outdoor spaces will increase your chances of keeping the bad guys away. Think near your home’s front and back doors, as well as any driveways or side yards you want to keep well-lit.

The Best Lighting Strategies For Those Areas

Before you purchase any exterior home lighting solutions, make sure to come up with and set a game plan beforehand of where exactly you’ll need lights installed. Use layered lighting so you can use different lighting combinations to create the perfect lighting solution for any occasion.

For your main entertainment areas:

These entertainment areas of your home’s outdoor spaces will likely be the spaces you invest the most time and money into as far as decoration. Your primary goal with these spaces is to provide sufficient lighting without totally going overboard. You want enough lighting to be able to see clearly and accommodate for any necessary tasks in the dark, but you don’t want to be the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation family of the neighborhood.

We suggest outdoor chandeliers, outdoor hanging lanterns, and unique outdoor wall sconces for your home’s main outdoor entertainment areas. Simply put, note the areas you’ll use most in the outdoor space, and add lighting to it. The great thing about lighting is you can always add more if you find that you need it.

For the areas that require additional safety precautions:

The outdoor areas of your home that require additional safety precautions are the areas you find yourself especially cautious around. You’re the homeowner, and if you feel iffy traveling certain places around the exterior of your home, imagine how guests who have never been to your home will feel.

Give attention to these areas by adding focused task lighting or ambient landscape lighting. These types of exterior home lighting solutions will help guests navigate your outdoor area with ease, whether that’s highlighting a particular stair pathway or drawing attention to potential hazards they could run into, such as trees or flower gardens.

For the areas you want to keep secured:

These are the outdoor areas of your home that ensure you are safe and secure around the perimeter of your home. Light areas that you often use, such as the front door, any backyard doors, or doors near your home’s garage, if you have one. Install a motion sensor for these lights to make your life a bit easier.

For the areas that you don’t use as often but you still think could benefit from lighting installation, choose outdoor lighting solutions that are connected to light switches that can be turned on and off as needed. Floodlights and spotlights are also great fixtures for the outdoor areas of your home you want secured.

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