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Littman Bros |  June 28, 2012

How Do I Balance a Wobbly Ceiling Fan?

It is important to get the ultimate performance from your ceiling fan and if a fan is wobbly it is not accurately circulating the air through the room. If a fan is wobbly it could be from various things; loose screws, warped or unbalanced fan blades or the fan is just not properly installed. Here are some tips to correct a wobbly fan:

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

• Initially, you should get a ladder and once up by the fan, hold onto it and attempt to shake it. If it moves easily then it is most likely the screws loose by the junction box. Detach the canopy and check to see if the junction box is secure in the ceiling – make sure to tighten all the screws and bolts just to double check everything is secure.

• Tighten all the screws holding the blades to the fan motor.

• Make sure the blades are not bent, warped or even out of their correct positions and that they are centered. In order to check this you can get a measuring device, a yardstick would be good, and measure the distance from the tip of one blade to the ceiling. From there, rotate the fan and see if the rest of the blades measure the same distance. If there are some higher or lower just adjust them accordingly.

• If your fan is hanging from a long rod then it is typical you might experience some wobbling. If this bothers you, try switching to a shorter rod and it should resolve the problem.