Flush Mounts
Littman Bros |  August 9, 2013

Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts and their Functions

Semi-Flush HallwayFlush mounted fixtures are a great source of ambient lighting – they are especially practical in high activity areas with standard ceilings; foyers, bathrooms, laundry rooms and hallways are all high activity areas with lower ceilings and would be great areas to install flush mounts as well as they do not typically have tables to hang fixtures over. A fixture close to the ceiling is necessary so as not to impede on the people traveling below them.

Flush Mount LightingFlush mounts allow lights to be placed in the center of a space for the best functional ambient lighting; they come in every style and size for any space. Hallways traditionally need two 60-watt bulbs and are sized 13 to 15 inches. Small closets only need one 60-watt bulb and are usually around 11 inches. In bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and large hallway junctions (think top of the stairs) a three-bulb fixture is typically appropriate. These pieces are sized larger around 15 to 17 inches and not only produce the necessary light but are also more proportionate the space. If you have a workspace where more lighting is needed, opt for a semi-flush mount that sits a little farther from the ceiling while staying somewhat close; these fixtures allow for both heat and light to escape and can take a higher wattage bulb. Many semi-flush mounts can take three 100-watt bulbs – 300 watts is excellent for a kitchen or office areas. Semi-flush mounts are also a little larger and more decorative. If you have a decent size foyer with a low ceiling, semi-flush mounts 16 inches or shorter are a nice way to dress it up and stay within your height constraints.