Littman Bros |  August 15, 2012

Should I Use a Floor Lamp or a Torchiere?

Although floor lamps and torchiere’s seem similar in appearance, there are noteworthy differences between the two and assist in different functions for your interior home lighting. Here is some information about each:

Floor Lamp


Floor Lamp – Floor lamps are habitually used for task lighting, next to a chair or table for reading, sewing, homework or other similar activities. It is meant to amplify visual accuracy and prevent eyestrain while working on important tasks throughout the day. Table lamps can be repositioned accordingly and often have swing arm options and a head that is multi-directional to help with the aim of light. It has a heavy base and a thinner silhouette than a typical torchiere’s form.



Torchiere – This type of fixture is a similar shape to that of a floor lamp but can often have a thicker silhouette. The main difference between the table lamp and torchiere is the function; a torchiere is used for accent lighting or general lighting instead of task lighting. The light illuminates upward, often shining its light up against the wall to the ceiling.

Use table lamps for direct task lighting; table lamps feature a light that can be directed downward towards the task you need to complete. And use a torchiere in your home for some ambient or soft, glare-free general lighting for entertainment purposes.