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Littman Bros |  May 3, 2013

Lighting Your Fireplace Properly

Fireplace LightingA Fireplace is a highly desired feature in any home; it creates a warm and welcoming ambiance even when it is not lit.  The hearth should be the focal point to any room that it inhabits and accent lighting is a great way to highlight this architectural feature.  The most common form of accent lighting on a fireplace is known as eyeball lights.  Place two eyeball lights in front of either end, angling the light beams towards the center of the chimney to highlight a painting or photograph.  Adding a dimmer to the eyeball lights is a great idea to adjust the ambiance of the room.

Fireplace Recessed LightingRecessed lighting can also be used instead of eyeballs to accentuate the texture of the stone or brick.  Place the recessed lights close to the chimney so that the light washes the texture and accentuates the highlights and shadows.

LED tape lighting is a soft way to light the mantel above a fireplace or any architectural details you might have on the chimney or hearth.  This looks especially nice if you have a tray ceiling or crown to highlight along with the fireplace.  Some fireplaces are made of translucent stone like onyx or alabaster so back lighting these with LED tape accentuates all the veins and movement in the stone.  Do you have a shadow box or additional shelves on your fireplace?  Placing small puck lights in the bottom of these, they will give the same effect as can lights.  Wall sconces are a great to fill the empty space on either side of the chimney too; they help to balance the fireplace wall and the symmetry will bring the eye to the fireplace.