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Littman Bros |  July 21, 2015

Exploring the Caves, Designing a (Wo)Man Cave

Most of us have heard of “The Man Cave.”  If you haven’t, it’s an adult version of a “No Girls Allowed” Tree house.  Men have been designing their sweet escapes for years, draping walls in animal pelts, sports memorabilia, gigantic televisions and beer décor.  Who says men are the only ones allowed to have club houses?  She Sheds and Woman Caves are the latest trend, letting wives unwind in their own sweet escape.  Hang up your own “No Boys Allowed” and give yourself your own little slice of heaven.  For either gender, caves or sweet escapes require creativity and personal style.  Figure out what elements help you relax when situating your cave.  Are you looking to be productive without distractions, escape the noises of children and unwind or an area to enjoy television in peace?  Don’t limit yourself to a bedroom or basement, build yourself a shed outside, transform your garage or even claim a bathroom for yourself.  The point is to give yourself a location where you can focus on you.

Not all of us are blessed with a spare bedroom or an entire basement we can claim for ourselves.  Sometimes finding your cave requires creativity and reflection.  Consider what experience you want in your cave, whether its’s productive, an entertainment center or an escape from stress.  One current trend is to build a personal cave outside.  People today have been constructing or refurbishing their tool sheds to create a relaxing, outdoor experience.  The shed approach allows you to separate your cave from your stress, isolating yourself outdoors.  Utilizing natural light, people transform these small spaces into personal paradises with a bit of paint and personal touches.  By adding furniture and décor, the shed is converted from an outdoor storage spot to a tiny cottage.  Another approach to creating your cave is gifting yourself with a personal spa.  Adding a Jacuzzi and lounge chair to your bathroom creates a sense of luxury and serenity.  Garages are also a common choice, providing plenty of space for crafts and workshops.  Still can’t find a space to put your cave?  Claim an unused corner of a room as your work space or take over a closet.

When starting the design of your personal cave, throw out gender stereotypes and think about your own interests.  Have a hobby?  What about a favorite film or novel?  Always wanted a home bar or luxury spa?  Been holding onto a game from your childhood?  Use these ideas when decorating your cave.  Transform your personal escape into the Millennium Falcon, The Hundred Acre Woods or Pac-Man central.  Do you think better when distracting yourself with a task or focusing on a problem in peace and quiet?  Install a putting green or swing in your cave to let your mind wander or a study extraordinaire to focus in.  Maybe you don’t want to work in your cave!  Utilize the area for pastime or hobby, such as a craft center or workshop, or just relax in front of a giant screen TV.  Caves are fun areas that allow you to add a few extreme elements, tapping into your passions and creativity.  For example, ditch a regular couch and pick seating within your theme.  If you’re building a home theatre, add theatre styled seats.  Replace your couch with a giant bean bag or chaise lounge.  Build a seating loft within a carriage or old beer barrel.  Construct bar stools out of old kegs or a bench from an old car seat.  Maybe try installing a hammock for a little extra fun!  Be sure to incorporate activities into your cave, such as a dart board, basketball hoop, craft table or arcade game.  Finally, make sure your cave is closed to the public.  Similar to our childhood club houses, these areas are “invitation only.”  If you have a small space, try adding a patrician or floor screen to separate yourself.  Another fun approach is utilizing a two-way bookshelf, or just stick with the classic “No Girls Allowed.”

Personal caves are just that, personal.  You share enough space throughout the day.  Between work and family, it’s hard to remember that you’re an individual with individual needs.  Becoming a parent or partner doesn’t mean you are giving up your personal identity.  Recognizing your personal needs is important in both daily life and décor.  By being honest with yourself, you can better create an atmosphere that allows you to relax, have fun or be productive.  Creating a definitive space allows you to design your own utopia without compromise.  If you’ve been holding on to an idea or look, use it!  You don’t have to worry about creating an area that is too masculine or too feminine.  Having a space where you don’t have to compromise your vision can be relaxing in its own.  Design your perfect craft room, spa, sports center, home bar, whatever you may desire!  This is your slice of heaven, how do you want it to look?!