Interior Design
Littman Bros |  August 28, 2014

Design Ideas for Small Spaces

When you have a lot of stuff and little room to work with, use these design ideas for small spaces to help you get the best use out of every square inch. From inventive storage solutions to simple room dividers, learn how to make the most of your small-space.

  1. Establish every activity: eat, sleep, relax, work, and then establish zones for those activities.  holtkotter table lamp
  2. Choose pieces that can have multiple functions, such as a table that can be used as a desk and a dining room table.
  3. Invest in pieces that can be rearranged to transform the use of a room.  For example, use two small tables instead of one large coffee table.  This is better for traffic flow and are easier to move.  They are also multi-functional.
  4. Create the impression of expansiveness by choosing a light color palette.  White floor to ceiling curtains and white walls will make the room seem bigger, opposed to having dark curtains.
  5. Subtle elements like mirrors can make a room seem larger by acting as a window.  Using mirrors will add depth and dimension, and creates the illusion of more square footage.
  6. Smart lighting choices have a big effect on how small a bedroom feels.  Choose a bedside table lamp with a small base and shade to optimize the surface space. Holtkotter makes a great table lamp that gives off a significant amount of light, and is also dimmable.  This lamp’s design is not only transitional with any style, but works well in small spaces.


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