Littman Bros |  December 26, 2013

Staying Cool Is A Breeze with Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It is absolutely possible to keep your outdoor areas cool and comfortable even under the hot summer sun with outdoor ceiling fans – your outdoor patio, porch or gazebo can be cooled with a ceiling fan much like your indoor rooms. But you must first be sure to find out that the UL listing on your fan is compatible with your intended location.

There are three possible ratings for ceiling fans – indoor, damp and wet location. Indoor ceiling fans should never be used outside; the fan’s motor is not built for the humidity found even in a covered location. Humidity can affect the motor’s life and performance. Most interior blades will warp and droop when exposed to moisture over time and warped blades will not only look unsightly but they will be off balance causing the fan to wobble and shake. Damp rated fans are suitable for covered exterior locations where they will not come in direct contact with water coming from above. A room with an open ceiling, like a pergola, requires a wet rated fan. These motor housings are completely enclosed and protect the fans motor from moisture. A properly sized and rated ceiling fan will extend the use of your outdoor space well into the hottest days of summer.

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