Littman Bros |  August 29, 2012

Children’s Bedroom Lighting

The options are never-ending when it comes to lighting a child’s bedroom; you can truly go in any direction you want with the help of the child’s interests, favorite colors and current design scheme. Here are some tips when lighting your child’s bedroom:

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A child’s bedroom will most likely need strong, bright lights as they tend to use this space as a play area or space to do arts and crafts and other activities; since children tend to be at ground level, playing, reading or coloring, it is smart to find a light that can be bright enough to reach the floor. Because of this, it would also be a very smart idea to install dimmers in the bedroom to modify the level of light within the room at certain times throughout the day.

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It is best to consider the child’s needs when planning a lighting design for their bedroom. There are an array of unique and playful novelty lighting options out there for you to choose from; from sports themed pendants to colorfully designed flush mounts. Trans Globe Lighting has a line of lighting called Kids Korner that features playful designs in lighting just for your child’s room. Elk Lighting as well as Landmark Lighting also have some children’s themed lighting collections.

A night light is a must when a child is of a certain age and incorporating this into their bedroom will provide them with a comforting light for bedtime.

Table lamps or desk lamps are always a wonderful addition to a child’s room as they may want to read a book before bed or throughout the day if they choose to sit at their desk and draw.

Whatever you decide for a child’s bedroom lighting scheme, remember that there are plenty of ceiling lights and lamps that can match many children’s themes for their décor, from a sporty boys theme to a girly princess theme.