Littman Bros |  April 17, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day with Energy Efficient Lighting

Earth Day is coming up this April 22 and for years it has brought awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment and pushes everyone to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable planet. There are several ways in which people can make a difference and one of the easiest is to incorporate energy efficient lighting into their homes.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs have transformed energy-efficient lighting. Compared to traditional incandescent options, LEDs are long-lasting, resilient, temperate, Mercury-free, cost-effective and extremely more economical. They last 10 times as long as compact fluorescents with an operational life of about 100,000 hours and consume 50% to 90% less power than conventional light bulbs. LED bulbs normally use only about 10 watts of electricity, which is equivalent to 60 watts of an incandescent. They remain cool by converting energy to light instead of heat and are made of recyclable components and do not contain any toxic or hazardous materials.

Although LED bulbs are initially more expensive, the cost is recovered over time – the longevity allows for significant savings in electricity, operating costs and bulb replacement.

There are various designs and models of LED bulbs so when choosing a bulb remember to assess your preferred wattage (a 3W LED is comparable to a 45W incandescent), decide between ‘warm’ light used for accent lighting or ‘cool’ white light for task lighting. LEDs are also offered in an array of standard base or pin base bulbs to choose from, depending on your sockets.

So, in celebration of our Planet Earth, do something green for the environment and switch to energy efficient lighting with LED bulbs; they drastically reduce your energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants and are instrumental in saving you money in the future.