Littman Bros |  November 15, 2013

How to Choose a Ceiling Medallion

ceiling-medallionCeiling medallions can often times seem like an afterthought in homes but, when the right medallion is chosen, it can truly tie the whole room and lighting scheme together to create that decorative touch to your space; ceiling medallions don’t have to be overlooked either as there are plenty of attractive moldings out there that will harmonize beautifully within your décor.

In case our readers are not familiar with ceiling medallions, they are decorative moldings that typically adorn the center of a ceiling where a specific fixture is hung – they are often seen in foyers, dining rooms and great rooms, basically in a space where the ceiling is high. Really though, almost any room with a hanging light fixture can have a ceiling medallion, it’s just the size of it that should be considered.

elk-ceiling-medallionMaxim Lighting offers a wonderful lighting guide on their site, including some information on ceiling medallions. With the help of our lighting specialists as well as, we’ve compiled a list of some things to know when choosing a ceiling medallion:

  • When choosing a medallion, remember that it should never be the same size as the outside diameter of the light fixture; clarifies that a medallion “can be bigger or smaller, but if it’s the same size, the two objects will form a virtual column that will make the room appear smaller.”
  • Often times, the higher the ceiling, the larger the medallion can be; these are meant to be shown off as a decorative accent to your fixture, so if you have a smaller medallion surrounding a chandelier in a two-story foyer, no one can really admire it.elk-ceiling-medallion2
  • According to, if you are adding a medallion to a fixture in your hallway, make sure to pick a size that is relative to the width of the hallway.
  • The size of a room is dependent on the size of the medallion – dining rooms, bedrooms and foyers can have a medallion that is “larger in diameter than the light fixture.” But in a hallway or bathroom, remember that it should be smaller.

These are just a handful of pointers to keep in mind when looking for a ceiling medallion, also has a formula to use when doing so: Multiply the width and length of the room and then divide the product by seven. “The resulting number would be approximately the diameter of a ceiling medallion for a room with a ceiling that is nine feet high.”