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Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting

Landscape Lighting Project: A Contemporary Outdoor Retreat

Littman Bros |  2012-09-13

When you are starting a landscape lighting project, it is important to focus on the specific areas you intend to light.  You can then determine the type of fixtures and style that will complement the landscape and exterior of your home. The layout of this landscape lighting design was well thought out as the wall…

Contemporary Lighting

Pick of the Week: Hinkley’s Margeaux Collection

Littman Bros |  2012-08-16

Hinkley recently added this distinct collection to their already extensive line of designer interior home lighting.  This collection has made our pick of the week for its beautiful silhouette and overall timeless design. The Margeaux Collection features a traditional style in lighting that is emphasized by its vintage brass finish and classic torchiere style arms. …

Art Deco Lighting

Illuminating Your Home with Style

Littman Bros |  2012-08-01

Everyone has a different type of style and décor they choose to have in their home and that décor tends to reflect the owner’s sense of personal style and panache; the interior décor of a home says a lot about the person who lives there.  That is why it s important that the lighting in…