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Designing Your Perfect Backyard

Littman Bros |  2015-06-09

This week at Littman Brothers we decided to step outside the office and focus on landscaping and backyard designs!  Host outdoor parties, provide a play area for your kids or give yourself a place to unwind, all while improving your property value.  Your backyard is full of potential to be your personal oasis.  Take advantage…

Landscape Lighting

BBQs, Beer, & Outdoor Lighting

Littman Bros |  2014-07-03

It’s summer and time to take the party outside.  Preparing your patio, deck, or outdoor room for guests requires essential outdoor lighting and comfortable furniture to create a carefree exterior living space.  The key to creating an enjoyable outdoor space is to establish a warm, inviting and safe environment with the key outdoor lighting.  The proper…

Home Decor

Holiday Home Lighting

Littman Bros |  2012-11-09

The holiday season is approaching and it is only natural to begin considering your outdoor holiday home lighting plan; by adding that extra special twinkle outside your home, you greet your family and guests with a warm welcome and that festive holiday merriment every home should have during this year’s holiday season. If you’re not…

Contemporary Lighting

Landscape Lighting Project: A Contemporary Outdoor Retreat

Littman Bros |  2012-09-13

When you are starting a landscape lighting project, it is important to focus on the specific areas you intend to light.  You can then determine the type of fixtures and style that will complement the landscape and exterior of your home. The layout of this landscape lighting design was well thought out as the wall…

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Littman Bros |  2012-08-07

Outdoor lighting is essential when lighting your home; it heightens the beauty of your property while providing safety and security.  Especially in the spring and summer, outdoor lighting allows you to use those spaces in the evening hours and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.  Here are some general tips for your outdoor lighting scheme: Make…