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Floor Lamps

Key Ingredients for Lamps: The Basics

Littman Bros |  2013-01-18

Here at Interior Lighting Style, we want our readers to understand how to find the perfect style and type of lighting for each room in their home and table lamps and floor lamps are typically a type of task light that most people consider when laying out their interior lighting scheme.  Today, we want to…

Interior Home Lighting

Pick of the Week: Fine Art Crystal Bakehouse

Littman Bros |  2012-12-14

This week we have focused on a very unique collection that stands out mostly because of its beautiful and eye-catching art-glass varieties that add that pop of color and pizzazz to these fixtures like no other. Fine Art’s Crystal Bakehouse collection offers various silhouettes of wall sconces, pendants and table lamps are beautifully finished in…

Contemporary Lighting

Pick of the Week: Vaxcel Milano

Littman Bros |  2012-12-07

This week we chose a very colorful and unique array of pendants, mini pendants, spotlights, semi-flush mounts and wall sconces designed by Vaxcel Lighting – the Milano collection features gorgeous fixtures with an array of distinct and elegant glass varieties for you to choose from. Choose to add the radiance of the Milano pendants and…

Interior Home Lighting

How Much Light is needed in your Space?

Littman Bros |  2012-11-16

This is a question that so many people struggle with when considering a new lighting plan for their home.  But here is the thing; this doesn’t have to be a difficult process… Just follow these easy guidelines to determine the precise lighting conditions you need for your room: First, you need to determine the size…

Interior Home Lighting

Color Temperature: An Important Feature When Lighting Your Home

Littman Bros |  2012-11-02

Color temperature is important in a variety of lighting applications and it is essential, especially today with the wide range of bulb types and now, more and more LEDs and CFLs becoming popular; it is more common for home’s to have conflicting and incompatible light sources and color. In order to achieve the necessary light,…

Interior Home Lighting

Pick of the Week: Murray Feiss Adan

Littman Bros |  2012-10-26

This week we chose the bold and very rustic Adan collection from Murray Feiss as our Pick of the Week.  As the weather gets a little colder and the leaves start falling, we found this collection to truly match up with the Fall foliage and changing of the seasons. Adan harmonizes the beautiful textiles of…

Interior Home Lighting

Lighting Advice from the Professionals at Eglo Lighting

Littman Bros |  2012-10-11

Eglo Lighting is one of the premier manufacturer’s of decorative home lighting and offer high-quality products in a range of styles and designs.  At, the company provides the public with an enlightening lighting guide that we wanted to share with our devoted readers; they share their expert advice on Light and Space, Light and…

Contemporary Lighting

Pick of the Week: Tech Lighting Pendants

Littman Bros |  2012-09-28

Our Pick of the Week has to be Tech Lighting Pendants because we just love the ultra-chic and contemporary vibe they give to a space; for years Tech Lighting has offered a range of very sophisticated and versatile designs for their pendants. Not only are Tech’s pendants unique and functional, they are also very energy…

Interior Home Lighting

Shed Some Light on your Home Theater

Littman Bros |  2012-09-12

It’s that time of year for you to evaluate the current lighting scheme in your media/entertainment room; as the weather begins to slowly chill and football season is upon us, it is vital you light this space appropriately so you can make the most of your entertainment and pleasure within such a functional room. The…

Contemporary Lighting

Pick of the Week: Hinkley’s Margeaux Collection

Littman Bros |  2012-08-16

Hinkley recently added this distinct collection to their already extensive line of designer interior home lighting.  This collection has made our pick of the week for its beautiful silhouette and overall timeless design. The Margeaux Collection features a traditional style in lighting that is emphasized by its vintage brass finish and classic torchiere style arms. …

Home Decor

The Brilliance of Mini Pendants

Littman Bros |  2012-08-14

There are so many designs in mini pendants to choose from and they are definitely a wonderful addition to any space in your home to add that necessary task and general lighting discussed in our previous post. The shapes, glass, finishes and styles are endless and because of the size, mini pendants can add a…

Interior Home Lighting

Pick of the Week: Fredrick Ramond’s Cameron Collection

Littman Bros |  2012-08-03

Each week we are going to pick a favorite product, collection or trend to focus on to give you more insight into specific brands, styles and types of lighting.  There are so many choices in lighting out there today that it is an important notion to find something new and exciting to shed light on;…