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‘How To’ Guides

'How To' Guides

Listing Your House

Littman Bros |  2014-10-27

Many things can effect a home sale. Houses tend to sell at slower rates in fall in winter and faster in spring and summer, but there are 12 must-do actions for listing your house that support home listings any time of year. For example, updating the kitchen island lighting or landscape lighting are often times…

'How To' Guides

How do I Cover Recessed Lighting that is not in use?

Littman Bros |  2013-12-30

Do you have light fixtures or recessed lighting that is off-center from your furniture or cabinet/counter layout? The correct, but tedious way to center fixtures is to re-route your electrical wiring through new electrical boxes or cans and remove the old one and then follow-up with a drywall repair and re-paint. How do you move the electrical…

'How To' Guides

How do I Avoid Glare with Under Cabinet Lighting?

Littman Bros |  2013-10-30

Under cabinet lighting used to be hardwired toward the back against the back-splash in a kitchen area of the home, the light was then angled forward towards the front of the counter top and also into the kitchen. If you have a close table or seating area to this spot in your kitchen, this under…

'How To' Guides

How Should I Light my Fireplace Properly?

Littman Bros |  2013-10-09

Rooms with fireplaces are often inadequately lit – these spaces are generally designed for relaxing and entertaining but the lighting may only consist of a few lamps. If you’re lucky your builder might have thrown in a few recessed lights near the fireplace for general lighting, that is definitely needed but recessed cans are perfect…

'How To' Guides

How should I adjust my lighting when furniture is rearranged?

Littman Bros |  2013-08-29

Lighting should be focused around how a room is used and furniture placement plays a key role in your fixture size and location; this is especially true for fixtures that drop over tables or counter tops. Fixtures for specific rooms in your home must be sized appropriately based on both the size of the space…

'How To' Guides

How to Balance your Ceiling Fan

Littman Bros |  2013-07-31

Few things are more annoying than a rattling fan motor or a wobbling fan; it can also be scary when your fan shakes above you. While most new high-end ceiling fans come pre-balanced, others level themselves when run on high for a few hours. In few instances it may be necessary to make some adjustments…

'How To' Guides

How Do I Select A Ceiling Fan?

Littman Bros |  2012-07-12

To begin the selection of your ceiling fan you should determine the size of the room that you would like the fan to be installed in. Once you have the dimensions of the room you can select the size of the fan you will need for the space. Here is a little key for you…

'How To' Guides

How Do I Change a Vertigo Pendant?

Littman Bros |  2012-07-11

The Vertigo family of lights is a very unique style of lights designed by Corbett Lighting. The interesting shape of the pendants might seem to make it difficult to change the bulb efficiently; but it is a fairly easy process. There is a set screw on the bottom rim to loosen on the fixture and…

'How To' Guides

How Do I Balance a Wobbly Ceiling Fan?

Littman Bros |  2012-06-28

It is important to get the ultimate performance from your ceiling fan and if a fan is wobbly it is not accurately circulating the air through the room. If a fan is wobbly it could be from various things; loose screws, warped or unbalanced fan blades or the fan is just not properly installed. Here…

'How To' Guides

Lighting Guide: Why Choose LED?

Littman Bros |  2011-01-10

Why Choose LED? The answers are simple. LED lights effectively convert the highest percentage of consumed energy into light output. The percentage nearly triples that of incandescent bulbs. Additionally, incandescent bulbs convert most of their consumed energy into heat and very little into light. LED lights are built with Heat Sink components that maximize their…

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Accent Lighting Guide: Light Up Your Home With The Right Lighting Accent

Littman Bros |  2010-08-23

Accent lighting for the home is key in order to maximize the amount of light you get within each room of your home. Summer is quickly coming to an end, the kids are getting ready for school and many of us are getting our homes ready for the fall season that is approaching fast. With…

'How To' Guides

Area Rugs and Care Information

Littman Bros |  2009-07-14

You can find a variety of area rugs that will accent the design of a space and add warmth to a room.  Area rugs or accent rugs vary in price in terms of size and design.  Power loomed rugs are more expensive than hand knotted rugs.  Because power loomed rugs can be produced in a…