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Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

How To Clean Those Pesky Ceiling Lights In Your Home

Littman Bros |  2018-06-15

We all dream of having homes with high ceilings and extravagant hanging ceiling lights. But what we don’t consider is the maintenance and care that goes into having those high ceilings and lights. Ceiling lights — like everything else in our homes — tend to collect dust and get dirty. They’re significantly more tricky to…

Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

How To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan

Littman Bros |  2018-05-05

When it comes to searching for the right residential ceiling fans, the process might seem either mundane or daunting, depending on how you look at the task at hand. But choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your home is a great way to add your desired functionality and design to any given room. Residential ceiling…

Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

Brighten Up Your Pool Room with a Billiard Light

Littman Bros |  2018-04-27

Your home has the perfect pool room with the perfect pool table, but it still feels like it’s missing something. More often than not, billiard lights are home ceiling lights that are overlooked when homeowners create their ideal pool room, and these lights can add the personality and functionality you need to have a top-notch…

Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

Home Ceiling Lights: Three Practical Uses for Our Spotlights

Littman Bros |  2018-04-03

When you think of spotlights, your mind probably wanders to the light that shines on your favorite musician at their headlining concert or the spotlight used to highlight characters at a play. We’re here to tell you that spotlights extend past those uses, and can actually make for a decorative and functional overhead light fixture…

Home Ceiling Lights Chicago

Types of Ceiling Lighting For Your Home

Littman Bros |  2018-03-27

Finding the right ceiling lighting fixture for your home can seem like an intimidating task, since there are so many different types of designs, styles, shapes, colors and sizes of home ceiling lights. Your ceiling lighting is more than just decorative, too, as it can set the atmosphere of your room of choice and serves…