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Littman Bros |  October 12, 2015

Bright Ideas for Teens – Lighting up their bedroom!

Teens love to hibernate in their rooms. They could spend hours there hidden away, hanging out with friends, surfing online, doing homework or going for a sleeping world record. So this space needs to have function in form and design, and also show off your child’s personality and style. It can be hard to let them have their own space. Yet if you give them the freedom, with some guidance, to create a look they love it’ll become a haven for them in the busyness of their day-to-day lives.

Since teen bedrooms serve multipurpose tasks, comprehensive lighting is an important part of setting the tone for the many moods this room, and your teen, encounters.

Fixture with Function or Just Plain Fun?

Your home may have uniform light fixtures mounted on every ceiling. The continuity throughout the home is great to create a story; a theme. Yet your daughter wants this little beauty hung smack dab in the middle of her room.

Feiss F2756/3IV Charlene Ivory 3 Light Chandelier


Here’s our thought.

Hang it up for her. Make her smile, make her day! Yet don’t discard that original fixture that matches the others in your home! If you place your house on the market looking for a buyer, simply replace the pink crystal chandelier she loves with the original. You can take her personalized fixture to your new home, and the buyer will be none the wiser. When you give your teen a look they love and identify with, they will feel at ease in their space.

Desk Lighting

With all the homework and extracurricular tasks on a teen’s agenda, they need an area of their room where they can complete work and be creative. Adding a desk light has two purposes. First, it gives direct light to the work area. Second, it helps avoid eyestrain and we all know, staring at little screens during the day can lead to tired eyes. Adding another source of light is a great way to not only layer light, but also give them additional support reading.

And how cool would this be on their desk?


Koncept AR3000-W-MBK-DSK Z-Bar Metallic Black LED Desk Lamp


We think very cool.  


Not Your Grandma’s Floor Lamp


When there’s just enough room for a beanbag chair, a comfy spot to game or text friends, introduce this floor lamp into the decor which is sure to get a standing ovation.

It’s all about taking advantage of space and making the most of it. With this lamp, you give a little bit of extra “up lighting” in the room, but also give it an eclectic vibe your teenager will love.


Decorating your teenaged son or daughter’s room doesn’t have to cause a battle amongst your family. Let your teen create a space that they’ll love. One they’ll thank you for giving them. One that they’ll want to hang out in with their friends, which means you know exactly where they are. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?