Littman Bros |  January 1, 2018

The Best Uses for Spot Lighting in Your Home

Spot lighting can be incredibly useful in your home. Use it in the wrong way, though, and it can end up creating unfriendly dark spaces and have you straining to see. It’s important to know how to use spot lighting correctly in your lighting design and choose the lighting fixtures that are going to bring you the most style and the right amount of light to your space. If you are creating a lighting design for your home, take a few minutes to read through our spot lighting guide to see if it’s the right addition to your home. At Littman Bros Lighting, our lighting experts can help you incorporate spot lighting into your design and connect you with the right spot lighting fixtures to meet your style and budget.

What is a Spot Light?

Before you start to incorporate them into your lighting design, it’s important that you know what, exactly, an indoor spot light is. Spot lights can be either directional (mean you can aim the beam of light wherever you want it) or fixed (meaning the bulb is stationary and will beam directly downward). The light can either be recessed in the ceiling or a part of a spotlight fixture such as these in our online store. They create a cone of light that can be used to create interesting effects in your home.

7 Tips for Using Spot Lighting in Your Home

Highlight your fireplace, artwork, or mirrors.

Spotlights are ideal for highlighting important areas of your home. They are especially ideally suited to highlight artwork or architectural features of your home such as your fireplace. They are also great for lighting a mirror, which can reflect the light and illuminate the space further. Adding spot lighting to your fireplace or artwork can completely transform the piece without actually changing a thing; it’s like a makeover with light. Look for conversational pieces in your home and highlight them with a spotlight.

Use them as task lighting.

Spotlights create a focused beam of light wherever you aim them. Because of that, high-wattage spotlights are great for task lighting. Aim them at your desk, countertops in your kitchen, or on work surfaces in your craft room and you’ll have all the light that you need. You’ll want to combine this task lighting with other mood-setting lighting so you options depending on what you need. Too much task lighting all the time can become draining.

Overlap the beams from your spotlights.

When you place your spotlights, make sure that the beams of light coming from them overlap a little bit, between a quarter and half way. This will ensure that you don’t end up with any dark spots between the lights, which can be frustrating when you are using it for task lighting and visually jarring when you are using it to set the mood in the room.

Make sure you place spots away from ceiling fans.

If you place spotlights on your ceiling, but sure that you do so away from any ceiling fans that you might have installed. You’ll want to place the lights outside of the radius of the ceiling fan’s blades. If you don’t, when the fan is on and rotating, it will periodically block the light from the spotlights and create a dizzying strobe light effect in your space.

Low wattage spots are great for mood lighting.

Spotlights aren’t just good for task lighting. They are wonderful mood lighting, too, when you use them with a low wattage bulb. They give off a soft glow that’s especially nice in living rooms and bedrooms. You can use warm light LEDs to create warmth and minimize your energy costs, too.

Put your spots on a dimmer for more options.

Putting your spotlights on a dimmer switch is a smart move. It gives you lots of options for customization of the level of light in your space. That way, a single spotlight can work as both mood lighting and task lighting depending on where you set it on the dimmer. Dimmer switches are easy to install and you can either do it yourself or have a qualified electrician set it up for you in just minutes.

Use them to light up dark corners & angles.

Spotlights are great for illuminating areas that might otherwise be left in the dark. Aim them at a dark corner and create the perfect reading nook. Or use them in a stairwell or hallways with odd angles to create consistent lighting throughout the space.

Some Spotlights We Love

These are spotlights currently available in our online store and ready to ship to your door.

Quoizel Lighting KY1404IB Kyle Imperial Bronze Linear Multi Spotlight

Spotlights often have a bad reputation within the design community, but this one will have interior designers singing its praises! It’s a beautiful combination of imperial bronzed finish with marble-like shades. The directional lighting allows you to aim the lighting where you need it the most.

Trans Globe W-464 BN Brushed Nickel Spotlight

This another directional lighting fixture, but with a more modern design and finish. The brushed nickel fixture has three spotlights that come off of the base in a swirling pattern, giving you a circle of light to aim where you want it to shine.

Maxim Lighting 92010BK Spots Black Spotlight

This black spotlight is a classic design that you’ll see in many spotlight options. However, the black finish gives it a more modern twist that can blend in better with darker decor schemes.

Not Sure How to Use Spotlights in Your Home?

Our team can show you! Get in touch with us over the phone or through the live chat feature on our website. Or better still, come into our Chicago showroom and we’ll help you create a lighting plan that’s tailored to the needs of your home and connect with the fixtures you need. Our team has years of experience with lighting design so we can help you overcome lighting obstacles and create a room that you love. Get started today!