Landscape Lighting
Littman Bros |  July 3, 2014

BBQs, Beer, & Outdoor Lighting

It’s summer and time to take the party outside.  Preparing your patio, deck, or outdoor room for guests requires essential outdoor lighting and comfortable furniture to create a carefree exterior living space.  The key to creating an enjoyable outdoor space is to establish a warm, inviting and safe environment with the key outdoor lighting.  The proper deck and step lights, outdoor wall sconces, path lights, and spot lights should all be incorporated into and outdoor lighting layout.  The outdoor wall sconces featured in the picture are from the Hinkley Lighting Sullivan Collection.

Once you’ve achieved the proper outdoor lighting for your exterior “getaway” you now must plan to utilize it as much as you can during the summer months, or if you are in a more temperate environment, all year long. Whether it’s a seasonal space or year-round retreat, you should definitely make sure that you keep the outdoor lighting up-to-date; whether this be with the style or design or upkeep with light bulbs and brightness. Using outdoor LED lights is a good way to keep your outdoor living area hassle-free as LED lighting has a long lifespan and is energy efficient.

Now you can kick back and enjoy the space you created, with the proper and safe lighting, and hopefully in the lighting style you prefer. Go get the grill going, drink those beers and relax under a beautiful outdoor lighting ambiance everyone can enjoy.


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