Littman Bros |  July 26, 2012

What Lighting Can I Use in My Basement?

Basements can be a fun room to decorate with various types of lighting to be used; they are larger spaces with often very little natural light emitted throughout. Because of that, in order to light a basement adequately, you may need an assortment of lights for your space. You should look for the best ceiling lighting with styles that will match your decor. You need overall general lighting while adding that extra accent and task lighting to certain areas throughout the basement.

Basement Lighting

Track Lighting – Track lighting is easy to install and is truly a newly renovated basement’s best answer for lighting. If track lighting isn’t what you are looking for then recessed lighting always can work too. It doesn’t take up space in the room and can be extremely adaptable for your space.

Table Lamps/Floor Lamps – These are wonderful choice for that extra decorative lighting you will need in your basement. Also, if you have lower ceilings in your basement (some basements tend to have lower ceilings than other rooms in the home) then floor lamps will be a great way to make your ceilings seem slightly taller than they actually.

Pendants – You can use pendants in your basement to hang over a specific area for ample illumination – for example over a bar area, pool table, or larger game table. Depending on the style of pendants you choose, these fixtures can also offer a great focal point for the space since pendants usually come in unique shapes and colors. You can use your pendants for accent lighting, task lighting or complete ambient lighting. Dimmers are also recommended in order to set the mood for your space.

Under Cabinet Lights
– Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add lighting in subtle areas of your basement. If you for instance have a type of media/entertainment viewing area in your basement, under cabinet lighting is a great touch to a space when you are trying to create that mood lighting during a movie or show. Almost under the same category as this is LED table lighting, which can be used to line the bottom of your floors for safety when walking through a dark part of the basement.