Art Deco Lighting
Littman Bros |  July 8, 2013

Pick of the Week: Art Deco/Retro Style Lighting

Art Deco PendantRetro style lighting has seen resurgence this past year; these lighting pieces are glimpses backwards in time, best described today as “old school.”  Different from vintage pieces, these Retro lights are recreations.  They are modern fixtures that play off of trends from the past – they do not have to be circa 1940s although many popular fixtures are influenced by this time period.
Art Deco Retro Chandelier


Unlike Retro fixtures, Art Deco refers to a specific time period; the 1920s and 1930s were influenced by an increased fascination with archeology and ancient artifacts.  Art Deco is characterized by “modernization” of artistic styles from the past.  This era was specifically influenced by ancient Greek, Egyptian and Aztec artifacts that were unearthed at that time.  This style is very geometric with jumbled forms, zigzag lines and repetition of basic geometry.  Some of these pieces are also very industrial with influences from the new hot rod cars and airplanes.  Art Deco is a strange mixture of several unique elements.  These combinations of elements make for a modern and timeless style.  The straight lines and Americana feel of Art Deco lighting reflects Old Hollywood glamour.  The mix of old and new in an Art Deco light fixture enhances and modernizes a room.