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Littman Bros |  August 23, 2010

Accent Lighting Guide: Light Up Your Home With The Right Lighting Accent

Accent lighting for the home is key in order to maximize the amount of light you get within each room of your home.

Summer is quickly coming to an end, the kids are getting ready for school and many of us are getting our homes ready for the fall season that is approaching fast. With the cooler months drawing closer, many more of us will spend more time inside enjoying our homes and less time outside. Now is the perfect time to check any light fixtures throughout the house and replace any that may be old, worn-out or broken.

Since many people find that their home becomes a main focal point during the cooler seasons, it is important that your lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is illuminated throughout your home. The Dining Room, Living Room and Kitchen are probably the most important rooms in your home because they are the main areas used to entertain guests when having company over.

Littman Brothers has great variety of lighting styles that can meet these needs.

Of course finding the right lighting for a room can be challenging and expensive given the abundant amount of style and brands that are out there. Here are some tips that may help you out when thinking about purchasing new lighting for your home.

Kitchen Lighting Tips

The kitchen is probably one of the most crucial rooms in your home. It is not only the most functional room in the home, but the kitchen is also one that many guests observe and hang out in.
When thinking about the lighting in your kitchen you want to consider both style and practicality. When using your kitchen on a daily basis to cook, you need lighting that is bright such as Under Cabinet Lighting. If you’re looking for a more decorative light that accents your kitchen, Mini Pendant Lighting or Island Lighting would help sharpen up the kitchen by giving it a decorative look with a sensible use.

Dining Room Lighting Tips

Since the dining room is primary used for dinner parties and leisure, you may want to think about the size and shape of your dining room table since your lighting is usually centered around it.

For this room, you may want to think about Pendant Lighting, or a smaller Chandelier to improve the look and feel of your dining room. You might also want to consider adding Light Accessories such as Dimmers or Medallions to enhance or ser a particular mood that will help convey a flattering ambiance.

Living Room Lighting Tips

Your Lighting living room or family room is probably the third most utilized room in the house. When selecting lighting for this particular room, you should think about how you spend most of your time in the living room. Whether it’s used for relaxing after work or for entertainment, company, the lighting in your living can influence your comfort level.

Some accent lighting options you may want to consider include Table and Floor Lamps, Track Lighting , Ceiling Fan Lighting and even Light Dimmers. Simple Ceiling Lights can also be a great solution to find the perfect fixture for your living room give a cozy relax feel to the room.